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Looking for something HUGE? Try the Falcon Balls!

Falcon Balls are back! These ultimate anal beads are for those who enjoy huge proportions. Don’t let the labels “Small, Medium, and Large” fool you- the smallest size available is much larger than most other standard anal beads out there.
Measuring a jaw-dropping 21-inches long, 1 ¾ inches wide, the Falcon Large Anal Balls are large enough to satisfy your inner size-queen and challenge even the most-experienced anal sex toy users. The five stimulating anal beads are ultra-smooth, flexible, and soft to intensify your anal sex pleasure without sacrificing comfort, and the anal beads are large enough to stay securely in place. The Falcon Large Anal Balls’ unique one-piece design makes these anal beads incredibly easy to clean this hypoallergenic silicone gay sex toy.

Always innovating and improving the male sexual experience, Falcon toys brings on the Balls, a set of big, filling beads to deliver intense anal penetration. There are three sizes to choose from, running the gamut from (comparatively) small and manageable, to thick, large and ultra-challenging, as these ones are, with a perfectly mid-sized version in between. Out of the three sizes, none could be called particularly small, right from the starting point. This is a toy for experienced anal connoisseurs. Five evenly spaced, identically sized and shaped beads start right at the tip, they’re separated by a smooth taper that holds the bead you’ve worked your way up to in place while adding lots of orgasmic sensation against the anal passage as you insert and remove the Balls. A sturdy wrist strap loops around your hand to help with control and positioning, it’s also a safety measure, preventing your toy from traveling too far. Made from a very hygienic, plushy yet firm rubber material that’s skin friendly and slick, allowing for thorough cleaning, the Balls are clearly well designed for anal play. To clean, you’ll be able to place in the top rack of the dishwasher before a cycle, or you can use simple soap and water to scrub up when you’ve had your fill.

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