Funny Tori Black EXXXOTICA 2016 Interview

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SUBSCRIBE: – I interview Tori Black at the recent EXXXOTICA convention in Columbus, Ohio where she was making an appearance! This girl is awesome. I ask her loads of questions and she always has a funny answer.

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The questions I ask Tori are:

1.) What is your favorite EXXXOTICA memory

2.) Have fans brought you any gifts? if so what has been the most memorable?

3.) Which has been your favorite EXXXOTICA city

4.) Which superhero would you want to have sex with?

5.) Do you play video games? Which is your favorite?

6.) If I was going to try and pick you up at a bar what drink should I order for you?

7.) Talk about the strangest thing someone has tweeted you

8.) If you could say something to Donald Trump, what would it be?

9.) Who is your favorite Beatle?

10.) What costume would you wear at Comic Con?

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Johnny Chang says:

Tori is hot

Shivam Jaswal says:

Holly shit…You both look gorgeous ?… Btw are you taller than her ??

Floxxoror says:

for a second i thought that lexi belle really had a sick drug career…..

Will Porlem says:

Have they ever shot scene together ?

Alexander Jarvis says:

Tori Black is fuckin psychotically sexy!

Anthony McQueen says:

do you enjoy us fans or each other more

LoneWolfof90 says:

I would fuck Tori so hard!

Bmw says:

I like the "microphone"

Scooter Sound says:

I want you both 😀

rick hunter says:

Man Tanya got really that look of the classic pornstars, you know Diva looks, DAMN!

rick hunter says:

Oh Tory Black, just the perfect woman, she just got to cut the dirty talk out in the backstage her look is like classy girl, she sould act the part, and in the movies she can talk dirty if she wants, stay classy Tory if you can

Anonymous Maximus says:

the mic is inside a fleshlight ??

Alexa Bliss No Mercy says:

Oh yes Tori and Tanya so Hot

Rockw61 says:

tanya have you ever worked with dani Daniels

Chosen One says:

Your tits and ass are awesome

Chosen One says:

Your a hot British women

Chosen One says:

I like your blond hair and ur tits

Chosen One says:

Tanya Tate are u still a pornstar + my name is David

burgerboy_109 says:

you have big boobs

joe leeming says:

great revew . like it

crozzmglen says:

Tori what a babe ??

K-Smitty Productions says:

EXXXOTICA Chicago was Awesometacular!!!

AnthonyGoesWild says:

beautiful ladies

Yozzer2781 says:

Two fun loving babes!

jerran sperarman says:

good video Tanya tate

Cause&Effect says:

Looks like fun.

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