During sex my husband likes to masturbate, should I be worried?: Masturbation
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According to the American National Cancer Institute, after skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer in men, and 1-in-7 will be diagnosed with it during their lifetime. This is quite the troubling statistic, especially since many men still don’t even know where in their body the prostate is.The prostate is a walnut-sized gland that is located under the bladder, at the base of the penis. It is a vital part of the reproductive system and its function is to assure the arrival of the sperm into the vagina. It does that by producing an alkaline fluid [More]
Same-Sex Spouses Should Have E.U. Residency Rights, Court Is ToldIn his opinion to the court, Mr. Wathelet pointed to the general evolution of views on same-sex marriage in member states over the last decade, addingthat according to the definition generally accepted by the member states, the idea that marriage means a union between two persons of the opposite sex “can no longer be followed.” The role of the 11 advocates general is to propose independent solutions for cases the Court of Justice is deliberating on.11, 2018BUCHAREST, Romania — Same-sex spouses should be afforded the same rights to liveand work across [More]
Both sexes ’should be taught about periods together at school’ – charityBoys and girls should be taught about periods at school, a charity says.As well as being embarrassed by them, one in seven of the girlsand women interviewed said they did not know what was happening when they first started their period.“I put on the pad and thought, ’What if I’m dying?’”Innes, 18, says she struggled talking to her male friends.“I think there is a stigma and taboo around periods,” says Kerry Smith, head of girls’ rights at Plan International UK.The charity has carried out a survey of 1,000 girls [More]
http://AdamAndEve.com use coupon code ENJOY to enjoy 50% discount, FREE 3 Hot DVDs and a bonus of FREE gift plus FREE shipping when you order at Adam and Eve.Masturbation is part of a healthy sex life, says Gloria Brame, Ph.D., a clinical sexologist. Science has shown that men masturbating can provide plenty of healthy benefits and according to Mens Magazine below are just some: It prevents cancer: Masturbation helps release disease-causing toxins build up in your urogenital tract. When you rub one out, you flush the bad guys out of your system, thus keeping your prostate healthy and keeping you [More]
A committee reviewing a motion on sex-selective abortion went behind closed doors almost immediately on Wednesday as it deliberated whether to allow the motion to go to the floor of the House for debate.Powered by NewsLook.com Producer : CBC
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VAGINA – What it should look like (Educational)