The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that a lawyer for the president, Michael Cohen, arranged a $130,000 payment to prevent an adult film star from talking during the election about an alleged consensual sexual encounter she had with Donald Trump in 2006. Stephanie Clifford, known professionally as Stormy Daniels, was photographed with Trump at a July 2006 golf event in Lake Tahoe. The Journal reports that Trump met Clifford and two other women in a hotel suite following the event.
Sexual Harassment Claims Surface in U.K. Parliament30, 2017LONDON — To the British lawmaker it was just “good-humored high jinks.” But after admittingthat he had asked a female member of his staff to buy sex toys, Mark Garnier was at the center of a formal investigation on Monday amid a litany of accusations of sexual harassment, inappropriate behavior and casual sexism in Parliament.I’m sorry and apologise unreservedly In addition to announcing an inquiry by the Cabinet Office into Mr. Garnier’s actions, Mrs. May haswritten to the speaker of the Commons, John Bercow, to seek better ways for lawmakers’ staff members to [More]
The Harvey Weinstein scandal in the US has triggered such shockwaves in France that it is set to boost the fight against sexual harassment there. The question was raised in the French parliament with clear calls to change things in a country which cherishes its reputation as a land of romance. The French junior minister for Gender Equality, Marlene Schiappa was given an applause when she spoke to the house,“We urgently have to lower our society’s level of tolerance towards sexist and sex-based violence. It’s a defining issue of our civilization and it’s an exciting challenge that I ask you [More]
Of course he responded by shaming her for her profession. “Donald Trump, defender of all alleged sexual assault victims—as long as they’re accusing other people and not him— smeared the 11th woman to come forward with allegations of his inappropriate sexual behavior on Monday in the saddest but most predictable way yet: slut-shaming the woman for her work in the adult film industry.” h/t ****** Subscribe to Pop Trigger:… Get the Pop Trigger ringtone (through iPhone only):… Follow Pop Trigger on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: Grace Baldridge: Brett [More]
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Julia Ingle on Hooking Up and College Sexual NormsCommonwealth Club – The Commonwealth Club of CaliforniaIt’s not uncommon to overhear intimate conversations on public transit in San Francisco, and being gay, bisexual, transgendered or lesbian is less taboo here than wearing white after Labor Day.How do urbanites handle sex in the city these days? Which sexual issues are still considered racy and taboo in the 21st century? And are we as free to do what we want in our private lives as we think we are?Join our panelists as they hold a frank talk about sex and where it stands [More]