This is a very descriptive area you should read it! I miss the days where people use to just talk about the ideas that they had and the thoughts that are eating away at them and they just want to express. I’m going to start doing a lot of these where I just talk about what thoughts and thing I generally have on my mind. This is a playthrough of Borderlands the pre-sequel. Ending song: If you only knew by Jacoo Facebook: NeedExtraLife Instagram: NeedExtraLife Twitter: NeedExtraLife – Misty Stone laid back for her VladTV interview and detailed her adolescent years growing up between Inglewood, California and Omaha, Nebraska. “I grew up in Inglewood and it’s all that I knew, so rough was what I knew,” she recalls. In this clip the seasoned actress also reveals her family’s ties to the Venice Shoreline Crips, with most of older family members being high-ranking members in the gang. The saddest part of her story came about when she mentioned her brother, who killed himself playing “a very deadly game.” Her older sibling was playing Russian Roulette with friends [More]
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SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA — California gamer Lea May, who livestreams footage of herself playing video games, has been banned from the video-sharing site Twitch after she allegedly flashed her vagina to her audience. May, also known as Legendarylea, was livestreaming herself playing the video game Dark Souls 3 on Twitch when the incident took place. The video shows May, who was wearing a pair of loose-fitting shorts, suddenly standing up and lifting her leg, stunning those watching with a clear shot of her vagina. Her viewers sent numerous complaints to Twitch, which has led the company to issue a ban [More]
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