Walkthrough link -1https://youtu.be/QtSM0Oi2_80 Walkthrough link 2-https://youtu.be/DWwW6P3QkjA Walkthrough link -3https://youtu.be/zOU_tXCOaZ4 Demon king domination -https://youtu.be/cBGmdPpbHOo Lust and power -https://youtu.be/VtWKCTzwmpo Milfy City -https://youtu.be/c9ffI6mb2AM How to download this game -https://youtu.be/3ceZh-zFNw0 Here i show you this new and latest update of summertime saga, plus i also have the download link for you to enjoy it, THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! wants more parts of summertime saga then comment,,,, Game link -http://cuon.io/VrPqrLp Subscribe https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkKJD_WS58yUI6whIGlNyJQ Dual family part1-https://youtu.be/MGUXASdCafU Dual family part2-https://youtu.be/F-YsR3H_Cg4
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The stallion in this video has scar tissue from a summer sore on his penis that makes semen collection with an artificial vagina uncomfortable for him. To alleviate this discomfort issue I collect him using manual stimulation of his penis, known as the “CRUMP” method of semen collection. In this video I am using manual stimulation to elicit ejaculation with no collection apparatus so viewers can see the stimuli technique I use on him and to see the stallion’s ejaculation mechanism for those that would fractionate the jets of a stallion’s ejaculate. And for those that are saying “EWWWWWW, you [More]
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The Big Yins piss-take of George Michael’s Faith… “You hud to masterbate”
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