She’s having a baby in the car! Alexis Swinney was at home when she went into labor, so the whole family climbed in the car. The kids in the backseat couldn’t believe what was happening. Inside Edition caught up with the family at their home in McKinney, Texas. It was a short 10-minute drive to the hospital, but with just a mile to go, mom’s water broke. She told her husband to record it all on his phone. He had one hand on the steering wheel and the phone in his other hand. Their newborn, little Corbyn Hope, is their [More]
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Sophie Grantham, 36, had ordered gifts for her two sons from the online retail giant, but when her husband took delivery of the package he was shocked to find the box contained an operational sex toy – that looked USED. When husband Simon, 37, opened the door to a mail man holding a vibrating box, he was shocked to find the dildo inside – which had a suspiciously curly hair stuck to it. Mum-of-two Sophie had ordered a special pair of brand new sandals for her four-year-old son, Alex, as well as a game for seven-year-old James, but the game [More]
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