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The Adventures with the Trendsetter continues at the Exxxotica Convention in Edison, NJ celebrating it’s 10 year anniversary. If you guys didn’t already know it is the largest event in the United States dedicated to love, sex, and features hundreds of the world’s most famous adult film stars. Adult film star Teagan Presley (@MsTeagan) talks with me for a few minutes. We chat about how she was part of the very 1st Exxxotica in New Jersey and how it has grown throughout the years. Teagan feels that although the adult film industry & mainstream Hollywood have parallels to each other, [More]
5 Ridiculous High Tech Sex Toys [Mr Knifi]. Help Us Like & Share This Video. Don’t forget to Subscribe & comment below. Thanks! ?Social media: ————————————- ? Wikipedia ? Google ? Facebook ? Pinterest ? Instagram ? Twitter ? Linkedin ? Reddit Thanks for watching! Technology have also given rise to high tech sex toys. This industry is popular to people who are tech savvy but are also open to gadgets and devices that can provide sexual pleasure. Here are 5 high tech sex toys that was made in the past years. [More]
Chelios faces a Chinese mobster who has stolen his nearly indestructible heart and replaced it with a battery-powered ticker that requires regular jolts of electricity to keep working. Jason Statham,Amy Smart,Dwight Yoakam,Efren Ramirez,Julanne Chidi Hill,Jose Pablo Cantillo,Reno Wilson,Keone Young,Art Hsu,Joseph Julian Soria,Bai Ling,Clifton Collins Jr.,David Carradine,Corey Haim,Geri Halliwell,Billy Unger,Jamie Harris,John de Lancie,Ho-Kwan Tse,Galen Yuen,Shu Lan Tuan,Setu Taase,Eidan Hanzei,Najja Meeks,Anne Girard,Yeva-Genevieve Lavlinski,David Rolas,Moses Romero,David Dooyun Kim,Portis Hershey,Atticus Todd,Peter Mark,Chad Damiani,Jai Stefan,Tom Roach,Maynard James Keenan,Danny Lohner,Chester Bennington,Danna Hansen,Ted Garcia,Keith Jardine,Cherinda Kincherlow,Billy Gillespie,Samuel Hubinette,Michael Weston,Dan Callahan,Lloyd Kaufman,Joseph D. Reitman,Lexington Steele,Monique Alexander,Nick Manning,Jenna Haze,Kate Mulligan,Ron Jeremy,Ed Powers,Larry Eudene,Reid Harper,David Rubin,Mandy Amano,Jay Xcala,Simone Bargetze,Patrick Bautista,Sorana [More]
WIGAN, UNITED KINGDOM — Shocking video shows woman strip and perform a sex act on a public bench in Britain. The video, shot by vacationer Lee Felton, 32, shows a woman laying on her back on a public bench in a crowded city center, and in broad daylight, remove her pants and begin to masturbate. Felton could be heard at the beginning of the video flabbergasted saying, “Oh my god, what the f*^& is she doing?” As he records, he and his friends can’t help but laugh as people pass by, some looking as one would at a trainwreck, while [More]
Scooby Doo Episodes When Scooby steals Shaggy’s special brownie, things take an unexpected turn. Music in the introduction Afroman – Colt 4 The clip is from Scooby-Doo, we do …
A 24-year old graduate student from Taiwan’s prestigious Chengda University was arrested by police for soliciting, drugging, and raping a minor. The two met via an online dating app and decided to meet up. So they booked a hotel and had a few drinks. The grad student then used the opportunity to drug the teenage high-schooler and had sex with her while she was unconscious. When the high-school girl awoke, she was incoherent and hotel staff called the emergency services. When police arrested the graduate student he attempted to lay the blame on the girl, claiming that he’d offered her [More]
Vidéo issue du site officiel: Ryan a joué avec les sentiments de Mélanie, en lui faisant croire qu’il s’intéressait à elle alors qu’il avait juste besoin d’elle pour faire ses devoirs. Elle traverse une profonde crise et change son style du tout au tout. Fini le look de jeune fille studieuse et sage, elle se rebelle et adopte un look grunge. Un matin, en classe, elle arrive et Drazic se moque d’elle, alors qu’ Anita s’inquiète pour son amie. Un moment culte de la série
Whether you’re single or you have a partner, you should certainly get some sex toys. They will make your sex-life more interesting. Find out how you can use … This one is one of the most powerful bullet vibe I’ve seen. Controller looks just like a computer mouse, easy to use. Hopefu…