A woman passenger has alleged that a cab driver was sexually harassing. In her complaint the woman, who works in a private company, was on her way home in central Delhi when she noticed that cab driver was masturbating. This happened near National Museum on Janpath Road. She pressed the panic button and also called the police. Suspect was arrested and produced in the court. He is in judicial custody. Uber Driver arrested for harassing passenger.
During sex my husband likes to masturbate, should I be worried?: Masturbation
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During the San Diego Chargers game against the Oakland Raiders, a security guard was caught masturbating during a performance by Chargers cheerleaders. The footage caught on a cell phone quickly circulated, prompting the team to quickly state that the guard is not directly employed by the Chargers or the NFL, who is currently investigating the situation. The guard’s employer, Elite Security, released a statement and apology, and the guard has been canned, obviously, but we can’t help but be amazed at the lack of tact. What do you make of this? Let’s have an ‘L’ party and roast this cat [More]
Endometriosis Occurs When The Type Of Tissue Lining The Uterus Starts Growing Outside The Uterus. Endometriosis Is Behind The Vagina & The Lower Part Of The Uterus. It’s Likely To Cause More Pain As Sexual Thrusting Pushes &` Pulls The Growths. Many Women With Endometriosis Experience Pain During Sex Here Are A Few Solutions That Will Help Make Sex Satisfying Again. 3 Strategies For More Pleasurable Sexual Trying Other Positions Side To Side & Doggy Style Positions Are A Little Bit More Comfortable. Also Try Alternatives To Intercourse Such As Kissing, Massage & Mutual Fondling. Pick The Right Times Of [More]
Exercise during pregnancy can be beneficial, however there are exercises that is not applicable to take by a pregnant mom. Micron Associates proposed benefits of exercising during pregnancy. These include helping you cope with labor, change shape and weight gain, constipation, fatigue, varicose veins and circulation problems.Researchers have found that exercising during pregnancy is linked to experiencing fewer discomforts later in pregnancy. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) suggested that exercise could play a role in preventing and managing gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes is a condition that frequently shows no symptoms. It does, however, pose a potential risk [More]
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A man identified only as ‘Erik’ has made news after breaking his manhood in an unusual way. Erik and girlfriend SaLina, who were only on their third date as a couple, decided to spice things up by having sex on a tree branch. As the two gyrated in the tree, Erik felt the prick of a splinter and as he adjusted his weight, he fell out of the tree, landing face down–directly on to his engorged manhood. SaLina said she at first thought her man had escaped serious injury, but she soon noticed blood flowing from Erik’s crotch area and [More]
It what is easily the wildest video of the NFL season, a security detail was fired by the San Diego Chargers after video surfaced of the guard apparently jerking off .During the San Diego Chargers game against the Oakland Raiders, a security guard was caught masturbating during a performance by Chargers cheerleaders.SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA — A security guard at an NFL game has been caught on camera doing what looks like the five-finger knuckle shuffle — just feet away . Bill rambles about that poor poor guy at chargers game. Please like And Subscribe For More Videos. Fair Enough?