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Jenna Jameson Home Security Camera (drunk, getting pills and smashing cameras)
WIGAN, UNITED KINGDOM — Shocking video shows woman strip and perform a sex act on a public bench in Britain. The video, shot by vacationer Lee Felton, 32, shows a woman laying on her back on a public bench in a crowded city center, and in broad daylight, remove her pants and begin to masturbate. Felton could be heard at the beginning of the video flabbergasted saying, “Oh my god, what the f*^& is she doing?” As he records, he and his friends can’t help but laugh as people pass by, some looking as one would at a trainwreck, while [More]
Talking about the Croydon Bus Masterbater, The Eurovision Song Contest and a little on my channel. Warning! People may find what I say offensive and also has…
Hid a camera in my roommates room. Never dreamed of capturing footage this epic.