Flatscreen starring Paul Dano and Stoya

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A trailer for Flatscreen by Adam Wilson, starring Paul Dano, Stoya, Sara Cicilian, Paul Rome, editor Michael Signorelli, and the author himself! Directed by Gabriel Wilson. Other work by Chris Ungco and Rommel Genciana. Music: Dispensers – Behind My Back. Click here for more info http://www.harpercollins.com/books/Flatscreen-Adam-Wilson?isbn=9780062090331&HCHP=TB_Flatscreen


James Austin says:

How did I get here?!!! What the fuck am I watching?!!!!

Enrique Cervantes says:

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, classic danno

Nickolas t says:

classic dano

DGkira says:

He's a classic guy.

Matt Keisoglu says:

this is smart

Elessar rex says:

A trailer made to promote a new book.  What a fascinating concept!  I didn't know they were doing that these days.  I'm not familiar with the book, so perhaps the comedy in the trailer reflects themes in the book or the tone of the book.  Or perhaps the comedy is simply meant to be random and self-deprecating – they appear to be playing caricatures of themselves, and clearly the end is supposed to parody the thin and unbelievable plot of a porn scene intro, no doubt because Stoya Doll is in real life a porn star.  Paul Dano is also in real life an actor, which he says at the beginning.  In this clip, he wants to impress Stoya in order to scam his way into her pants (which he probably desires in real life, too, because who wouldn't?!).

Clara Brarurerr says:

i Need anybody to explain it. for what is that Trailer and does all the guys there just Play a role or are they themself? ok now the Video is done, i think they kinda played a role and made a Trailer for a… book…

donkosaurus says:

Somebody order a pizza?

ticctaccy says:

hey, we spilled crumbs on the floor! I got a solution! Everybody …get naked!! 

Arboria O says:

classic. Just, classic Dano

??? ? ????? says:

?? ?????????? ???? ?????????? ???????

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