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Check out my box of sex toys! Buy the box! use the code HANNAHPASH to get 10% off! TWITTER: https://twit…


Hannah Witton says:

What are you favourite sex toys? Let’s get intimate!?

meowitslucy says:

I want to leave a gazillion different comments but they’re all too explicit
and personal to be associated with my name on a public forum?

John Poobum says:

Imagine if a bloke did this kind of video and compare it to the reception
that this video gets.?

doddleoddle says:

You are literally the only person I know who can make a video about sex
toys as casually as a clothes haul
I love you?

MatthewGaydos says:

I feel like “Paint your clit red” needs to be slang for something.?

Master Jezzy says:

You are so awesome. God dammit, I respect you for this more than I should.?

Pikalolz says:

If my parents found those things in the mail addressed to me, I’d be dead

Pan Szklanka says:

Is blonde her natural hair colour??

LouisWestonTV says:

I love how Hannah got the handcuffs on… I wonder if she managed to get
them off??

Steffi Buchler says:

where is your dress from? it’s beautiful :)?

Jemike5 says:

And this why Hannah is my favorite YouTuber. She’s open with her sexuality
and not afraid to take risks on her channel. More important than that she’s
willing to try new things. She’d be the perfect person to go on
adventurous with through life. Thank you for doing what you do while be so
kind, respectful, and sweet!?

thelonelydirector says:

Jeez! You sound terrible you poor thing. Too much travel? Great video 🙂 ?

Loreki says:

You should check out Oh Joy Sex Toy by Erika Moen, it’s a sex positive
webcomic which reviews toys, gives advice and talks all manner of sexual
practices. It’s an unusual format for the subject, but it’s somehow
disarming and welcoming that all of the characters aren’t real yet depict a
very broad spectrum of genuine unphotoshopped body reality.?

Anton Timeboy says:

69 Dollars hahaha 😀
I’m not that “haha 69” guy, but with this video? :D?

aliceeeebeth1 says:

This is really strange bc I literally just got my first sex toy(s) in the
post. Today. Wow.?

Emily Tombs says:

would you consider making a video on your opinions of 50 shades of grey??

Frazer Varney says:

I used to think that sex toys were even more taboo than sex and that they
symbolised someone who ‘couldn’t get any’. What a dick I was. Gladly as
I’ve grown up I’ve come around and realised how I was totally wrong and
that they can be a really cool part of sex. ?

Naana Jane Lane says:

hannah please do the video on porn, i’d love to hear your opinion! ?

EdgeOfTheInternet says:


beebware says:

Not sure if you were aware, but Pashpack only seems to ship to US and
Canada.. Might have been worth mentioning :/?

Pranay Doshi says:

This fucking video has the most original sponsorship I’ve ever seen lol

So, did you actually need someone else’s help to take off the handcuffs?
And what was that person’s reaction??

Elliott Henderson says:

Jesus is watching…?

Anthony Siano says:

No crop or flogger? ?

Raven Zoë says:

hahaha oh man, this is so casual. ?

beccarr11 says:

Oh this is brilliant. ?

rossmchutch says:

hahaha :’)?

lulababe69 says:

this is actually amazing. you are amazing?

Damien Smith says:

Lol ?????

Erika Lynae says:

Please, please be reeeally careful about what the things you’re putting in
and around your body are made of. The sex toy industry is largely
unregulated, and a LOT of toys (especially inexpensive ones) are made out
of seriously toxic materials. :/ Both the cock ring and dildo here (and
possibly the tip of the lipstick vibe) look like they’re made out of the
popular “jelly” type material that is extremely porous, impossible to
sterilize or clean properly, and can harbor micro-organisms and bacteria
which can lead to infection. They also likely contain phthalates, which
have been linked to all sorts of serious health problems. I would
definitely recommend only using them with a condom. This topic is super
important to me to the point where I’m considering starting a channel about
sex + sex toys, so if you’d like some resources or recommendations of
awesome body-safe materials and companies, let me know. <3

Ashlyn Molinar says:

I will never look at Mario Kart the same again…?

AnImprobableFiction says:

Njoy Fun Wand! Highy recommend!?

tobiosnmakky says:

i dont understand why your english but the box link is in dollars so from
but glad your having fun… i guess … not in a creepy way though or
whatever ?

ImagineJohanna says:

I have the butterfly one! It’s my favorite ^_^?

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