Riding a Sex Toy in Public for Charity (Sybian)

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Simple Pickup says:

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Timothy DeLaGhetto says:

HOLY SHIT THIS IS GENIUS. It’s gonna get so many views. lmao, and its for

Tulip Sniper says:

Might need to be wash between seatings. Hyehuehue?

DJ Thunder Clap says:

Why didn’t u just let them ride on a real dick instead ?

~CuddleMonster~ says:

2:37 lmao she let out a big moan XD It must feel amazing! ?

Valerie Randall says:

I would do it!?

Jermain B says:

They should put this in classrooms, no girl will ever miss a class again.
And the lesson will only start when every single girl had multiple orgasms.?

HondaSkyline369 says:

To all the people saying “Oh so female circumcision is not ok but male
circumcision is acceptable”. No, male circumcision is not acceptable. I
don’t believe in it because it is actually incredibly stupid, and cruel. Go
Simple Pickup! ?

AndreCorner says:

1:47 wtf, was she trying out for Brazzers?? Also, no ugly girls there?
Where u guys from? Gotta move there asap!?

TheTekkForce says:

What a retarded way to make money for chararity.?

lilurik says:

Where’s this for male circumcision? ?

ChroNic1DiarrHea says:

The charity didn’t accept their donation because they found out how they
raised the money :(?

Potato says:

how is this for charity??

Tuan H says:

Wtf a charity to stop female circumcision? why not to something like free
fucking energy!?

NeutralGrounder says:

Um you’re raising money to prevent the comparatively rare occurrence of
female circumcision?
Do you realise that male genital mutilation is performed almost by default
in hospitals for puritanical reasons??

Louis Dwyer says:

I like the idea of preventing female circumcision, but how about preventing
male circumcision? Or do you not care about that as much??

fafafak6 says:

stupid way to raise money..
there are better way to raise money for charity… and this is not the way?

Wiktor Krämer says:

I’m 13 what is this??

trinix777 says:

When I see something like this, I think about how many things people do to
try to help women and how little to help men. That is not equality.?

Alex Pin says:

I hear your donation got rejected because they found out about how the
money was raised, that sucks, I hope you guys find another way to donate
the money to the cause, let us know!?

mbavalo says:

I’ll admit this is a funny video, though, what I don’t understand is that,
if these guys already have the money to donate, why do they need to do this
to donate???

Steve wang says:

Hey!! So this cute girl asked me for help in accounting class and I helped
her out. Than she asked if I was going to go to this party next week. Does
this mean anything? ?

Yuri Kamanosuke says:

now i want to be a girl D:?

9Matheusjf says:


Alan D says:

For people complaining about male circumcision, please educate yourselves.
There is an immense difference between lopping off a women’s clitoris
(where almost all of her sexual sensation lies since the nerve endings
traverse the inner vaginal wall and the epidermal layer) and cutting off a
piece of foreskin off a newborn male (few weeks) who will never consolidate
the memory since he’s too young. Furthermore, female circum. has NO health
benefits whatsoever, let me repeat that, none. Male circumcision has
multiple health benefits: reduced HIV/AIDS infection, reduced urethral
spongy tissue infection, reduced bacterial infection, etc. The only
negative is that you lose some nerve endings which results in a loss of
some sensation. Is the difference large? No, just ask ANY circumcised male
who had it done when they were older (like me) and we’ll tell you we barely
noticed anything. Do males HAVE to get it done? No, but there is not actual
harm in doing so. If you like having your penis uncircumcised then good for
you, but don’t spew bullshit.

As for those of you who complain that it’s unethical, you have no argument
because there is no danger to the baby. As a pre-medical student I will
tell you that the “procedure” takes less than a few minutes, is
non-invasive (invasive in medicine means entering body cavities), and there
is almost no vascular system in the foreskin so bleeding is minimal. Quit
your crying.?

Sarah Vegetabile says:

Saw this on Google+?

Lingusmaster69 says:

For all the idiots saying what about male circumcision, males are supposed
to be circumcized as they usually are at birth. A female is not supposed to
have her clit cut off. ?

Nathan Daeus says:

Female circumcision is like chopping off the entire
DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICKKKKKK for the male, so stop trying to compare the
two, ffs.

importance, because I treasure mah

Hunter Richardson says:

*It’s for a good cause!*?

Bsquared says:

Why does the girl at 0:35 reminds me of a white version of Nikki Minaj?

fizman22 says:


No wonder this donation got rejected, you guys are too much sometimes. They
rejected the one you got simply for motorboating. You shoulda saw this

Hope you guys do a good job distributing the funds though. ?

Art Vandelay says:

2 dollars short of being leet.?

John Park says:

this is stupid?

Hermann Fegelein says:

I want a vagina now?

uetzel says:

why don’t they make one for men??

Kamikaze Potato says:

I’m probably gonna regret asking but, what’s a female circumcision? ?

Ted Mosby says:

You can just tell they sniffed the seat after this.?

DGneoseeker1 says:

So this DOESN’T count as an indecent public sex act WHY??

Universalmusicgroup says:

Not one black guy/gal in as host, racist!?

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