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NOW the fire is lighted On the chimney stone, Day goes down the valley, I am left alone. Now the misty purple Floods the darkened vale, And the stars come out On the twilight trail. The mountain river murmurs In his rocky bed, And the stealthy shadows Fill the house with dread. Then I hear your laughter At the open door, — Brightly burns the fire, I need fear no more. Bliss William Carman
I felt her presence before I saw her there. A perfumed scent there was about the air As I walked the cobbled stones of a misty street, sensing, in the chill of midnight, her passions heat. I felt her presence before I saw her there. I heard an echoing through the air And as I stood entranced, alone I heard high heels on cobbled stone. What does a man do when he sees an earthly angel? He is held in suspension as she passes by— He holds his breath in reverence and wonders why. What realms above or forces blessed, [More]
Men of my blood, you English men! From misty hill and misty fen, From cot, and town, and plough, and moor, Come in – before I shut the door! Into my courtyard paved with stones That keep the names, that keep the bones, Of none but English men who came Free of their lives, to guard my fame. I am your native land who bred No driven heart, no driven head; I fly a flag in every sea Round the old Earth, of Liberty! I am the Land that boasts a crown; The sun comes up, the sun goes down [More]
I journeyed forth from the frozen north, bringing vows with me on the misty sea. I have found pleasure in full measure but hope to rest on my Hulda’s breast. There dwells my brother, my blessèd mother, my sisters, my friends, in the flower-starred glens between mountains and sea — how familiar to me! — where my life’s blind spark once sprang from the dark. I pray I may rest where the priests and the best of farmers have trod, with faith in God and themselves strong as stone — as strong as my own! — and where life flows [More]