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A group of women threw a bucket of water on a man who is allegedly known to touch himself outside a hair salon in Vietnam. Video captured on June 10 in Ho Chi Minh City shows a man with his face covered on a moped whose trousers appear to unbuttoned. He massages his groin area as he looks through the glass shop-front of the hair salon. According to the filmer, this is not the first time the man has made an appearance. Fed up with his behaviour, one of the women bounds into the street and soaks him with a [More]
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What happens when actress Jennifer Lawrence interviews reality star and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian? The conversation leads to sex toys. At least that’s what happened recently when J-Law was a guest-host on Jimmy Kimmel Live! She interviewed Kim about KKW, her popular make-up line, which Allure says has beauty mavens buzzing for it’s interesting packaging. Referencing the shape of the product, Jennifer said, “It wasn’t exactly the flesh color that made me think it was a dildo.
Even though she claims she isn’t a porn star and seems to hate admitting how much she relies on the adult entertainment industry, Farrah Abraham has officially released her very own line of adult toys.The former Teen Mom spent her Friday evening, on the red carpet, in a bit of black lingerie and showing off for the cameras. In between posing and showcasing the toys, she even took some time to meet with the fans outside on the street.
Disturbing details have emerged regarding Matt Lauer’s sexual misconduct at NBC. A new Variety report describes an instance in which Lauer lured a woman into his office and exposed himself. He also gave her a sex toy and played the game “f—, marry or kill.” Ex-producer to Variety The outlet also reported that Lauer would use his time traveling to harass women staffers and ask them to come to his hotel room. Lauer’s firing from NBC came after an incident that took place during the 2014 Sochi Olympics.
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Il pubblico di Italia’s Got Talent non smette mai da imparare… Giorgia ci illustra le caratteristiche e l’utilità dei prodotti che vende: sex toys. I giudici non possono che apprezzare il suo numero comico che guadagna 4 sì! Italia’s Got Talent è in onda tutti i mercoledì alle 21.15 su TV8, Canale 8 del Digitale Terrestre. Per tutti i contenuti esclusivi: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: