Masturbation Is Awkward (Incredibly Graphic)

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Graphically Awkward!


rkdvideo says:

"WTH do you expect mom-doing naked housework and pilates all the time–the only time you bother to put clothes on is when dad's home!"

Marie Phoenix Kelly says:

Why didn't he lock the damn door?

lyphispayn says:


Spence says:

Ricky is fucking cute

Murrangurk2 says:

Ricky your mum is cool…..and so fucking hot….

Doctor who Productions says:

I would have just stop not react like that and said I wanted and lie down

Millie Gravelpitt says:

To be honest, we need this BACK. It's direct, it's honest and to the point. There is too much PC bullshit nowadays. It's only creepy because it's been indoctrinated into society to be creepy.

Alex says:

he looks like a chile molester

Christoman64 says:


Divine Mind says:

Ricky wanted to get caught.

Brody Pullishy says:

it felt good, didn't it

Scott Payne says:

1. He even had a lock on the door. wtf kid.
2. I learned it from watching you mom alright! I learned it from watching you.
3. Now put the lotion if the f***ing basket!
4. You know his mom told everyone at the hair salon.
5. Probably was getting a decoder ring out of the crackerjack box for real she just assumed.
6. Was really excited about fighting communism.

Justin Ramos says:

Kid reminds me of the one of the actors from Zack and Cody ……… O_o

Kyoodo says:

He was going to cum into his bedsheets. He would have been exposed anyway. Fucking amateur!

The Meme Master. says:

Poor fuckers back in those times had no choice but to either use their imagination or buy porn magazines..

Skitty the Dictator says:

He's just like "Mom fuck off I'm trying to imagine myself fucking Lola Bunny"

Juice Cream says:

Acting is amazing

Rares Rizica says:

It felt good, didn't it?

Jaylin Jonason says:

Umm ok bye going to make myself blind now

lobo-loco812 says:

Everything that could be done wrong this kid succeeds in astronomically

BlueSpindash says:

Ugh, story of my life.

Allan Zhou says:

i fap to this everyday

Hidden Xp says:

Why kuledud3?!?!

? ?? ? ????? says:

Are they zombies?

Anthony Martinez says:

So apparently this video is about Dylan Sprouse Masturbating? Lol

RebelArmyGaming says:

Filthy casual not locking the door

ALBERT ???95 says:

And that's the origin how Ricky created BRAZZERS

Ersen says:

– I'm just glad you're doing this in the privacy of your own room…
– Apparently not, mom.

Chumpkins says:

Rookie mistake Ricky.

akluff says:

It felt good didn't it?

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