Caught masterbating

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Nakenya Gardner says:

he was3nt even masturbating

Virgil Big knife says:

Masturbation is normal but some people think it's gross it's not gross it's a normal act of pleasure it lets them relax and a time to enjoy their self

Lemon Bleach says:

I ain't even mad

Zach Johnson says:

Lol loved that idea

Not Me says:

He's misterbatin

Doc Johnson says:

Lol so fucking funny?????

LukaMeister says:

LoL that's funny

Earth Devil says:

LOL made me laugh 😀

David Miranda says:

Lol got to say that was funny

Demi Halbert says:

Charlie hahahahahahahahahahaha

alyxus lopez says:

its cheese!

Colby Winslow says:

That's how you master bate?!

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