What Teenage Girls Do When They Are Home Alone

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My NEW CHANNEL: www.youtube.com/AylaBoswel Basically what teenage girls do when they are home alone is film what they would be doing if they were home alone….


LORD $HIT $LUT says:

Haha ….. Lesbian!!!?

Kawaii_Lolita_Spider says:

Your hair is so pretty! I wish I had your hair. :33?

Jacob Aquino says:

Lol the way she talks on the phone but u r hot

justmylife2222 says:

Omg true story! :-)?

Son Goku says:

She kind of looks like the Nichole girl from the Taylor Swift cover video.?

Yvonne Contreras says:

Lol so true ;P?

Jasmine Bacon says:

I’m frilly frilly frilly! Btw, not all teens do those things… I just play
on my computer?

Joshua Stanley says:

1:27 when you complete a mission in gta San Andreas ?

rota cetle says:

When I was a teenager, teenage girls (The lucky ones) sucked on my medium
sized we-we when they were home alone.

I kid I kid.. I was the lucky one. heh?

tee green says:

Did she really just stuff that in her butt?

jadeine mwangi says:

9:36 wha…?

thefeithfuly says:

Boys : playing computer all day..?

gabriella shoemaker says:

well thats not what i do if you know what i mean.. ?

EmperorMagnon says:

whew .. is this what you gals do.. I was thinking something else?

Grace Emma says:

It’s more like watching chick flicks all day?

christine oakley says:

Personaly, I do other things, and NOT with ice cream?

random people says:

2:15 thats we are never ever getting back together from a moviestarplanet

joe savo says:


jimmy choo says:

come we have sex together.. u will love it 8 Inch penis?

Coded_Ham says:

I died at 8:54 XD.?

Anna Norman says:

Omg I do the total opposite when someone knocks in my door when I’m home
alone lol I go up to the door and say who is it in the weirdest voice ever
then answer like oh sup bro aha ?????????????

Sadie Wilkes says:

This is EXACTLY what girls do!?

144Heartx says:

This is EXACTLY what teenage girls do when they’re home alone. No lie!?

mizore akashyia says:

That’s exactly how I act when someone’s at the door!! ?????????

Siena Valdez says:

I do the exact thing with frosting….?

Lakota_clan says:

Thefeithfully TRRRUUUUUEEEE?

Maria Dissinger says:

6:20 lol I couldn’t stop laughing ?

MFBA_Dj says:

Me: scripting :)?

Julie Erickson says:

This was really cute! Loved the pillow butt part!?

Chloe Park says:

True story, ha ha?

Katy Domínguez says:




Abby Waters says:

My sisters ass looks like that natully?

KandiKitty7 says:

yeah….i do none of those things besides eat ice cream. i mostly sleep and
smoke weed.?

Matthew Brown says:

Boy: watch porn?

Scrubs2U says:

Well done?

Hailey Walters says:

Idk y but I like the part when she is in the closet lol?

Kayla Plag says:

You’re cute!!?

jessica brooks says:

The only true thing is the knock at the door thing?

Savanna Swanson says:

she has my moms pajama pants…?

zezimasxbad says:

hmmmm, not what I was thinking.?

Harley Jones says:

I’ve done some of that… not the pillow thing though ?

aaliyah maddox says:

cream cheese icing yep I do?

zatfishykid12345 says:

now i understand.?

CatWhite says:

I just walk by the house naked, eat junk food, play in the computer and
read comic books?

yuvraj sharma says:

Lol your butts!?

Rainbow Dash soto says:

She’s kinda funny?

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