how to masterbate in class without getting caught

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NOTE if u are a popular person, and people look at you alot, this will probadly NOT work!! be UNpopular so u can do it!!


daniel chavira says:


yemi cbruny says:

This was…. ok but what if u go to private schhol with uniform and u cant
wear a jacket and wtf is up with the blanket nobody takes a fucking blanket
into class snd only girls wear lomg jackets this was so fucking usless
think ur shit thru before u make a vid?

Fox Squared says:

I fucked up and I caught the breFAbulous somehow 0/10 didn’t work?

marc smith says:


Lunassis says:

thank u this rely helpd :))?

Antton FiftyFour says:

Go fucking kill yourself you stupid crazy whore.?

Alyssa Fast says:

This is so stupid

Ariza Ortiz says:

Your fucking weird?

Go Eat A Towel says:

Fucking Sonic fag. Please, kill yourself. ?

Andrew Robinson says:

Lol cute video

1995a1995z says:

Wtf is wrong with you??

mini chou says:

+yemi cbruny my sister takes a blanket to her school so shut up ok its not
my problem u goto a private scool so back the fukc up and LEAV ME ALON?

mini chou says:


mini chou says:

thanks for the views?

mini chou says:

like fav comment and subcribe OK?

jock SPOON says:

im horny?

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