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Abulqasim Mohd says:

Package is arriving like a corpse in coffin. Creepy. They should deliver in some better way.

Howard Chris says:

More sex dolls for men at

Top Funny Video says:

ha ha ha ha ha

HIT(X)MARK says:

Worst thumbnail pic ever

arturas sir says:

You sick where is your brain people fuck this world with you who loves this

bienenpaps t says:

How about a real dOll of marylin Monroe ? is IT possible ?

Justinharris Harris says:

Got the black chick nice

Robert Craig Perry says:

please provide a link to where you bought it from.

Shantiram Khanal says:

how can purchase of leady

Shantiram Khanal says:

how can purchase of leady

Umesh Salve says:

call mi Watsop ndr 9049997159

V.Praba Karan says:

how fuck the doll pussys

????? # says:

where is the pussy?

Jamn241444 Vlogs says:

Have sex with it

Pradeep Kumar says:

e-mail me for price , about this doll

Amit Yadav says:

wow 160 m buy me

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