High school teacher performed ‘sex act’ with male student, police say

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Emily Nesbit, a foxy Pennsylvanian teacher is out of a job having resigned after word got out that she performed sex acts with a male student, allegedly.

Police say the Cumberland Valley High School English teacher had a sexual interest in the young boy — an interest which was exposed when a female friend of the boy’s found the pair’s chat records on his phone.

The 31-year-old’s phone number was saved in the student’s phone under the contact “My Lady Friend” and the pair appeared to be in frequent communication.

Phone records show they exchanged numerous sexually provocative pictures with each other and that the lovers would meet up in an empty classroom after school hours where she would perform unspecified sex acts on the young man. The affair lasted at least two months, police say

In investigation is under way to determine whether more students are involved. Both Nesbit and the student, unnamed for legal reasons, were compelled to turn their phones over to police as evidence and Nesbit faces criminal charges.


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