HIGHWAY TO HAVASU Official Trailer (2017) Jesse Jane Sexy Comedy Movie HD

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HIGHWAY TO HAVASU Official Trailer (2017) Jesse Jane Sexy Comedy Movie HD

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PLOT: During spring break, two buddies kidnap their broken-hearted friend and embark on a road trip to Lake Havasu.

CAST: Jesse Jane, Caleb Thomas, Andrew Fromer, Ben Edlin

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Reegan reegan says:

This is bad video

Jacob Barger says:

wow Hollywood undead music why???

Breezy Brees says:

This was an actually good movie the tits were a bonus

da96103 says:

Shia's brother?

Selina Krüger says:


Jarda Ho?ejší says:

I came here for Hollywood Undead

Lachlan Goodfellow says:

God wtf is this shit

Ashh G says:

"My name is Barry Allen"

ChronTronix says:

Wth is with this Walmart/Great Value brand Shia Labeouf?!

Film Ambassadors says:

Oh heyyyyyyy this was actually playing at the theater I worked at in Omaha. The director was there (he looked like the biggest a hole out there, and kinda acted like one didn't talk to him much) plus a few of the actresses who looked like they really did not want to be there.

Umeriw Aeoket says:

Yeah this looks bad like really bad

Umeriw Aeoket says:

Yeah this looks bad like really bad

Red Stache says:

is that baby shia labeuf

Connor McCartney says:

They kinda just copied that bottomless party from Harold and Kumar but in a strip club.

aa a says:

0:57, lets admit it, this is the reason we are here.

Salah Al-Bloushi says:

I've never seen a thumbnail this clickbaity before in my life

Dorian Jonesz says:

What the f…

for_all_those says:

wha…. clickbait. im still in

kevgret says:

Jesus Christ this shit blows.

Danny Childress says:

omg Hollywood undead ?

isak marken says:

Suck my dick

Autism Incarnate says:

this makes me want to die

House of M says:

Improper use of Good ass on movie should be Crime

Georg Skyborn says:


DihStyle69 says:

feels so fucking dated

Tom Cabler says:

bait was nice but that's it!

MalcolmRandall says:

Damn Clickbait Strikes Again!

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