Fleshlight Review Deep-Dive

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For even more details, including how the different Fleshlights feel, see our in-depth article at:

This video is a companion to one of the internet’s most in-depth articles about the Fleshlight, the world’s most well-known sex toy for guys. Men everywhere are waking up to the sexual wellness benefits and pleasures of sex toys, and the Fleshlight was one of the first sex toys for guys to really focus on design, quality, and an overall positive image for users. So, when we decided to start doing sex toy reviews, it was one of the first ones we wanted to feature as well as one of the most frequently asked about toys.

Look for more sex toy reviews for women, men, and couples, coming soon from In Bed Magazine. In Bed Magazine purchases all products for review anonymously as a regular consumer and does not accept free products in exchange for reviews. This video is NOT a paid product placement.

If you have questions about something that wasn’t covered in the video or the article linked above, please let us know in the comments here or on the site, and we will investigate and update. We respond to as many comments as possible, and we certainly read every one of them.

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Phøenix FøxTail says:

over sexualising. smh.

XP Gamer says:

160.00 bucks! get fuck outta here XD

Analog Tristan Dove says:

Age restricted video! Dont watch!

Termortyinator says:

Why the hell did I just watch a video about Fleshlights? And why did I find it interesting?

Natural Selection says:

so this is a fleshlight i thought someone just spell flashlight wrong

ObjectSex Porn says:

I have fleshlight one

jose mina says:

how is the sensation more real because masturbation more real of pussy real?

riccccccardo says:

Can you catch an std from this?

frenchy14025 courtemanche says:

I think it's cool you can create your own but at the same point it's a bit expensive for even a product like that and you can find other websites that can do this for cheaper but the catch is you have less options I'm just saying this cuz not everybody has$67 to spend I still think it is pretty cool

Viktor Vince says:

omg I need this

generation of skittle says:

Why was this in my recommendations….what you trynna tell me Youtube????

nice video tho very informational?

Tom - C says:

Flesh lights are awsome. I got my first back in 2007 when they were relatively new on the market. I just have a high sexual drive and i really do love sex and eroticism and closeness. It helps me feel good without bothering my other half. She is not in the mood or has her period, or your partner is not up for it, or you fight whatever, but you feel horny. We have all been there. Wanna cum and feel good but its not happening and it turns into this unsatisfactory limbo. What do you do?… Flesh light. Enjoy your own time and please yourself. Its pleasant and it feels great without bothering anyone.
Enjoy <3

Tyler Martin says:

This would be the first toy. Any advice on which fleshlight to get?

Negative Zero says:

Can't go wrong with the Wonder Wave.

DrunkUnic0rn says:

Cant wait for mine to arrive! Im excited!!!

MrC4ctu5 says:

… even if you do have a giant schlong LOL

beatnik rictus says:

With a screw on cap too. Yes pay no attention to a screwy woman, get this with screw on end caps.

Mike Donato says:

I need it so badly

azzabruz182 says:

its gotta be bone dry…..hahhahahhahhaa

azzabruz182 says:

i can't wait to get one

Tom K says:

Never trust a pussy of any kind, even this one I'm sure will eventually hire a lawyer and sue you for flashamony.

Nabeel Naeem says:

How I can get this fleshlight,can anybody tell me I am in dubai

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