Fleshlight Launch Visual Manual

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***The authenticity code is located at the bottom of the Fleshlight Launch Box!

Please select the time frame that you would specifically like to watch:
0:06 – Unboxing
0:32 – Setting up your device
1:32 – Usage
2:22 – Modes: Interactive Mode
3:37 – Modes: Manual Mode
4:46 – Charging & LED Indicator
5:40 – Sleeve, Handling, Lube
5:58 – Cleaning
6:28 – Disclaimer & Warnings


TheRubberStudiosASMR says:

''While you are waiting 9 hours for it to charge, have a wank the old fashioned way''

salmonfaky says:

lol men are so awesome the shit we invent lol fuck feminism

Kalibr Cricket says:

Got one, must say it's awesome for people with reumatism or similar issues with your hands. After a long week at work this thing is an Angel!

Henry Nagel says:

Geezus, this thing is almost more complicated than a real woman….almost. Not to mention that when I activated the Bluetooth it connected to the neighbor's house and their smart washer went NUTS. I think I'll just use it to churn some homemade ice cream and stick a red light on my next girlfriend to notify me when SHE'S having a "technical fault."

revenger681 says:

what is the maximum stroking length of the fleshlight launch?

Slippin' Jimmy says:

Anyone know the length of stroke on this thing ?

Jahed Miah says:

Truly Amazing!!

YourMother says:

lol, dat feel when you've given up on life

Maximus Tull says:

Version II will include TWISTING…..
Up and down is natural, but that round and round she learnt! : )

Baby-Fark McGee-zax says:

Now they need to find a way to tuck this inside android sex dolls. Can't wait!
i'll pre order the Android 18 model (DBZ). xD

Vanilla Gorilla says:

I hope they make the Fleshlight a little longer and definitely wider. I've destroyed two sleeves already without this awesome looking machine. ?

Vanilla Gorilla says:

How loud is it?

Cyberdemon 1337 says:

Now we just need a robotic doll which has this.

Jermey Owens says:

does it come with a video demo? or do i have to sign up to get videos?

Rickey Moore says:

Is there a way or plan to add a suction pump for those of us with ED??

Mares Fillies says:

Time for my waifu Twilight Sparkle to come to life. <3

Nocty101 says:

You guys might see some reviews if you got your video website working. Had mine for a week and basically can not use it. Zero communication from customer service. "Enjoy your $200 device that we claim is interactive but good luck buying any videos". I expect some bugs but not even a courtesy note on the website? Shame as this device has potential.

Andrew Bright says:

I'd get it but where would I hide it without any finding it that suck about it is so damn big

Jasta85 says:

Mine literally just arrived "Ok, time to test this out". then I see 6-9 hours to charge up 🙁

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