Sex In A Can – Original Label

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Sex in a can too tight? – Fleshlight Forums Wed, 28 Aug 2013 17:59:43 GMT

Hello, I have had a wonder wave pink lady FL for about 3 months now and after reading some reviews, I decided to buy the sex in a can trio pack because it was a great value. Also, being somewhat small (4.5 inches length, …

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Fleshlight Kisses

Fleshlight Kisses (Photo credit: Sugar and Vice)


Fleshlight Sex In A Can Pink Lotus Lager at Lovehoney – Free Mon, 24 May 2010 07:00:00 GMT

Fast, discreet delivery on Fleshlight Sex In A Can Pink Lotus Lager at Lovehoney – indulge in Complete Fleshlights. FREE discreet delivery and FREE 1 year no-quibble returns.

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English: Author: Interactive Lifeforms, Inc. S...

English: Author: Interactive Lifeforms, Inc. Source: Interactive Lifeforms, Inc., creators of Fleshlight. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Fleshlight vs. Sex In A Can Fri, 05 Jul 2013 23:51:16 GMT

Just wondering if any of you have both Fleshlight and SIAC , If so which one do you prefer and and difference other than the length and / or size? i have an avg size man {6 1/2 inches been told i am somewhat thick}.

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hollidaychild says:

If you want to you can, everything should be back in stock soon. If you
want to go through Fleshlight but are afraid of privacy I wouldn’t worry to
much; it says ILF on the box not Fleshlight. Msg if you need some help. 🙂

Steven R says:

Well women replaced men with dildos, so why not hey? At least the
Fleshlight won’t compare you to your mates, or want to cuddle afterward lol

IronMongoose1 says:

Why not talc or baby powder?

José Piña says:

@0spire0 It’s just a regular brown UPS package. There’s nothing on it that
would lead someone to believe it’s a sex toy.

InternetsEvilSpirit says:

@xVoodeedoox Ha lol yeah

pyroyeal says:

I want the FLESHLIGHT!

hollidaychild says:

@iiiTOXSICKiii If you adjust the bottom (it turns to allow air in) you can
create a suction effect.

jasan509 says:

Does it come with attachments like maybe a rack in a can, nice.

knobylob jones says:

is this a re-upload?

SwollenRhino says:

Uh can’t I buy this from your site?

KingOystar says:

Thanks for your tapes! I finaly had the guts to get one of the products you

eatdatpussy445 says:

if ur penis hasnt been circumsised, will this sex in a can/fleshlight still

disneygirly22 says:

you know what’s sad, im a girl, and i just want to buy that to squish it.
haha it looks so fun!

XralphiX says:

I wish you were my sex ed teacher i actually pay attention.

FormulaDGoSpeedGo says:

I need to pick one up.

hollidaychild says:

@knobylob it’s been uploaded again due to a “false flagger” that had the
first upload removed…along with another 12!! expect to see lots? of?
reuploaded videos in the next few hours/days 🙂 If you want to help me you
can always click the “Like” button which will affect if a video gets
removed or not 😀

knobylob jones says:

@hollidaychild will do lol

hollidaychild says:

@CertainAsTheSun There were lots of comments on the original video…but
some douchebag false flagged it and it was removed! Hopefully guys will
comment on this one too! 😀

Angus Gibson says:

You forgot Succu-Dry! lol 😛 Did you once tell me that the new label of
SIAC is because people wanted it to be more discreet?

Destiny Portillo says:

you have the voice to be a news spokes person lol 🙂

69blkmrkt says:

just got this and its amazing, im never using my hand again XD

hollidaychild says:

@steezygraffiti09 it will be either ILF or Interactive Life Forms. Nothing
says Fleshlight, don’t worry 🙂

Ryo Uchiyama says:

Omg I love this video and I love this lady-3 ur awesome-3 I bet that thing
will gives u an penis envy hahaha xD I want ittt how much does it cost?

mouse5580 says:

I love you! lol… i have watched reviews with so many people and i have to
say i always comeback to you! 🙂 your flippin fun!

fatlardXVIV says:

Wow thank you for the info keep up the good work

021311 says:

Very informative

hollidaychild says:

@eatdatpussy445 I can’t see why I wouldn’t.

BFinFlavin says:

Damn busted in 15 seconds 🙁

Kelly Rebecca says:

Lol penis envy : )

Nikolai Vedal says:

@certainasthesun this product is awesome 😀 i love it. recommended from me

101simar says:

Hi I got 6.5”. Will my whole di*ck fit in one of those lady lager? I found
out that the texture length is 5.5”. 🙁

natter1717 says:

@CertainAsTheSun I bought this toy about a week ago and i LOVE it. it feels
great and is alot smaller and less bulky then the orginal fleshlight. i
would deff recomond this to anyone 🙂

OyonTheAdept says:

crap, i accidentally bought the original Fleshlight without knowing it’s
dimensions inside. i’m totally gonna get a freakin’ sex-in-a-can after i
return the fleshlight.

applejuice1324 says:

man, ur hot!

xVoodeedoox says:

lol’d at title

hebronsawyers says:

@XralphiX Agreed! aha

steezygraffiti09 says:

quick question for people that have bought from the fleshlight online
store. when you buy it, what comes up on the credit card bill?

Anastasia Knight says:

I’m single and straight but I have the succu dry fleshlight because I
collect anything vampire related

EssenceCA says:

@steezygraffiti09 google it, they even say on their website, ILF

0spire0 says:

Thanks for the review. I was wanting to buy one but was wondering how the
package looked when it arrived? I really don’t want anyone reading the box
and knowing what it is. Has it got discrete packaging like the fleshlight?

K31M4N says:

Like A Woman, But Without Sandwiches.

iiiTOXSICKiii says:

does the fleshlight or sex in a can create suction?

SlimDude1000 says:

i have the Original fleshlight lady the vignia. now want the fleshlight
butt. but idk what sleevle should i get should get the Original or the
super tight or the utrla tight

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