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P?edstavení pánského masturbátoru Fleshlight Sex in a Can Succu Dry. Celou recenzi masturbátoru naleznete na:…


Sex in a Can – Succu Dry Pale Ale – Tue, 28 Aug 2012 02:14:33 GMT

Sex in a Can – Succu Dry Pale Ale. Welkom in de wereld van de vampieren! Sex in a Can Succu Dry heeft een revolutie teweeggebracht in de wereld van de solosex! Dankzij deze opening in de vorm van een mond met twee vampierentanden

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Sex In A Can | Pleasure Shop Blog Tue, 15 Oct 2013 22:33:17 GMT

Fleshlight 01 Sex In A Can. Have you ever had a crush on someone that you almost think beyond your imagination? If someone is infatuated, this person tends to do foolish acts. You always dream of being with that person …

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Sex in a can too tight? – Fleshlight Forums Wed, 28 Aug 2013 17:59:43 GMT

Hello, I have had a wonder wave pink lady FL for about 3 months now and after reading some reviews, I decided to buy the sex in a can trio pack because it was a great value. Also, being somewhat small (4.5 inches length, …

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borysbrzytwa1 says:

for “twilight” fans

Morgan Moo says:

My penis is longer than that

Christopher Moore says:

Im gonna need a 40 oz

labobo says:

@coolblaster5 sigh… i doubt it, even so come on man no one cares. but
since you mentioned it: a picture or it isnt so ! ;P

Lascivní.cz says:

Longer version doesn´t exist. Only classical Fleshlight.

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