Tori Black backstage with Rocco Siffredi

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Tori Black shows herself before the scene she made with Rocco Siffredi. She looks sexy, energetic and ready for hard anal penetration. Related video: backsta…


xaliakatanomi says:

Dude sounds creepy?

fungool says:


CenturyOfTheKittens H says:

tori black is not belong of this kind of business, she’s too smart and
beautiful for this kind of job, she’s belong to a modelling world because
she has a perfect body, tall, slender and dark and she has also a perfect
face and she have a future to be a supermodel like one of a victoria’s
secret angel.?

rob medeiros says:


rob medeiros says:


ginetto seghetto says:

Ho visto la scena con tori black, l’hai sfondata per bene……..grande

ICEGOD2 says:

Damn that’s all it takes to get in that ass??

Nucking Futs95 says:

i wanna kill rocco. fukin filth?


Wonder how she was like when she was a little girl. Its weird to think that
she does this now…..who cares she’s fuckin sexy!?

ventende says:

“Backstage with Rocco Siffredi.” Sounds like a typical porn flick title.?

Mox_au says:

Prepare thine asshole Tori…Rocco’s goin’ in dry tonight!?

Pouria Valizadeh says:

am sure u can find it in one the porn sites …

GregoryJecht says:

This vid is cut ๐Ÿ™ Where I can find the original version?

Terry Cohen says:

She’s cute but yeah getting arrested for domestic violence while around an
infant is a boner kill.

19082010FLY says:

why not?

mollers92 says:

Oh the daddy issues…

GTRman115 says:

Tori Black……. Thanks for the huge boner I have now baby. Now I want to
pump you so hard so I can cum on your face baby! ๐Ÿ˜€

RayNew3 says:

Gat damn!

carbukoski says:

ke culo ha rocco scoparsi tutte ste fighe

veldross1 says:

Its not so rare. Now Maria and tory are of highest caliber when it comes to
your standard interpretation of beauty. There are other beautiful woman and
while they are more cute than gorgeous and not as symmetrical they are
still beautiful with more rounded faces. a woman like Jassie is like the
aforementioned two But google amia moretti in the image search and look at
the 4th pic. Theres no way any red blooded man can say thats not an
extremely beautiful woman. =)

pudgylumpkins says:

My point was that she was deemed smart enough to get into college. If she
was a high school dropout, as you implied all pornstars are, then she
wouldn’t be in college would she?

Spychu1993 says:

@AZZGIRL87 becouse every beautiful girl are very shy when it comes to fuck.
she is one of a kind. She makes good money.

0rangeAudi says:

you’re right, she should be doing modelling!!!

jimmicrackhead12 says:

@AZZGIRL87 cos she likes to get f in the a

asesinodeangeles666 says:

que precioso culo

oknbnabaxd says:

Rocco lost the game lol

Paf attllla says:

I went to a nearby high school of hers and I had sex with her. this was
11th grade I think she had already slept with 100 guys.


maybe for money

ThereIsNoGod says:

Kind of like you do when you see your whore of mother getting anally fucked
by my big black kawk

deadmanavir says:

You’re right I can’t tell how smart they are, but guess what everybody call
tell how stupid they are. You don’t need to be a genius to determine that,
we aren’t talking about tests to get into college here. We are talking
about the basics. Anyone who is dumb enough to drop out of high school to
go and get a job as stupid as porn just for the sake of money are pretty
fucking stupid. You don’t need a qualification to tell that, it’s called
common sense.

ThereIsNoGod says:

Fucking retard…. You have more spelling mistakes in your comment than a
12 year old with Down Syndrome would have in 5000 page book

AZZGIRL87 says:

You have good taste..that girl has the same level of Tory’s
beauty..anyways..of course there are beautiful girls in the industry,it
wouldn’t even function if there weren’t,it’ s just rare to see true
beauty:delicate but strong bone structure,facial symmetry,perfect legs,flat
abs,nationality doesn’t matter.That kind of beauty which makes you say:she
got an A-cup?Who cares:D.You have to admit that it’s rare in porn.

z7EvoLuTioNz7z says:

Ewww that sounded wrong Correction: Tori Black sucking my dick for 10
minutes O.O

Alpaca Mynigga says:

Never have I seen a man do something so incredibly vile with such charm.
Where there’s tension, he provides laughter. Where there’s pain, he
provides comfort. And where there’s feces on the tip of his penis… he
provides dinner.

AZZGIRL87 says:

nice answer.

veldross1 says:

Cause people like seeing her get fucked in the ass and cum on. She dropped
out of school and chose this life, and no is too beautiful for porn, google
maria ozawa and then add news and see for yourself

hardizzonissimo says:

Ho imparato l’inglese grazie ai film di Rocco! XD

redfield18 says:

They made the best scene in porn.history

sukruoosten says:

wonder how her son will feel when is grown up knowing his mom was a
whore/porn star these kind of people should not marry end have children
!!!!! can you Imagen being married to her EEEEEEEWWWWWWWW im saying married
not fukkign her, dont get me wrong !!!!

deadmanavir says:

And your point is? Do you know what that even means? Her major was
Journalism indeed, but she didn’t even complete a whole year in it? Anyone
can pick a major in case you didn’t know, the hard part is sticking with
it, and completing it… otherwise it’s completely irrelevant.

miklazarus87 says:

ahahahhahaha rocco me fai morรฌ

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