Tanya Tate Takes ALS Cold Water Challenge on International Cosplay Day! (HD)

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Tonatihu Gutierrez says:

Leave her alone. At least she is not wasting the water, how 90% of you
people out there are doing when performing this stupid challenge. Like her,
I too live in California, and we’re in our 3rd year of a serious drought.
It’s creative the way she did it. Presonally, I would not do the challenge
because, they test the medicine for ALS on Animals.?

CrassMufumbu says:

Awesome and your so Beautiful, thank you Tanya..my dad has ALS..and you’ve
made my day. Whoa..you are even more gorgeous without makeup…?

Leman Russ says:


Kpoliss Zidp says:

You should just do something like this for every video, and this really
wasn’t the bucket challenge?

Farhaan FARO says:

Hot hot hot hot hot?

Danny Hickman says:

Who films??

Cahill Marshall says:

Really cool! I think even Ommog would agree, LOL?

Jonathan Alvarez Braña says:

Big kiss tanya:)?

Victor Lopez says:

Tanya sos hermosa.?

Steve john says:

Ice bucket challange nott sprinkle water challange ?

BestFree CamGirls says:

Love seeing you wet Tanya! Thanks for not wasting water.?

Kevin Bowie says:


Christopher Smith says:

My friend took the ice water challenge but he put in a big chunk of ice so
he almost got knocked out!?

txturbo930 says:

Best Shera ever!?

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