Stoya on Why Chicks Are Gross

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Stoya is an adult film star and model. She’s also a big fan of science fiction, including Warren Ellis! In this clip from the Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts D…


Eddie Gilbert says:

She is right, chicks are gross.?

Podimann says:

“Wetlands” (original title “Feuchtgebiete”) is a book by a German author
who was already somewhat well known as a TV host. It got so much media
attention here that most people in Germany know about the book. There was
almost no way not to hear about it if you had any exposure to popular media.
It’s supposed to be a mixture of fiction and autobiography, so some of the
stories are at least partially true or inspired by things that actually
happened to the author. I don’t even find tasting vaginal fluids disgusting
and it’s definitely one of the most harmless things described in the book.?

TheMonolither says:

Sie sollte sich den Film “Feuchtgebiete” angucken!

She should watch the movie based on the book “Wetlands” !?

Aime Nous says:

women are the cleanest of the species. Methodists, self haters and low
lifes are gross, dicks are gross. sluts love gross hings like anal doctors
and janitors. others are anti gross will clean your nast anal worm
shong. some opposites attract.?

awesome220 says:

She looks so old in the thyumbnail for this video.?

Robert Spalthoff says:

I didnt dare to borrow Wetlands from my parents when they were reading it,
so i actually bought my own copy. I read it and by the time, i liked it. It
was back when it was released so i was aroud 16ish then.
There is a movie to the book now, havent seen it but people say its not as
drastic as the book. It would need to be at least two girls one cup gross
at some points to meet what i remember from reading Wetlands.?

ray Gordon says:

Stoya, living life for the moment, good luck with your future, you’ll need

ImaZaphod says:

I don’t understand how tasting sexual fluids, vaginal fluids is worse than
looking at a hemorrhoid. o_O Or how any of this is disgusting for that
matter. ??

Kratos Zeus says:

I love Stoya <3

Xionkid says:

To short!

bribooth says:

Yeah I bought it off Itunes because I couldn’t find a torrent. Regret.

Ron Rexdale says:


XanBcoo says:

you’re giving me an erection

Whateveranybody says:

my god, so wonderful..

Kiefer Lilley says:

She is adorable!

rebratfisch says:


MeisterQualle says:

oh hah shes talking about “feuchtgebiete” (its original title) from the
german writer charlotte roche. germany burned for a few days because of it,
its just stupid.

opiateEP says:

Yes right on Kamerad

mobgoblin37 says:

Educate yourself or kill yourself to find out who’s right.

long tooth says:

I don’t know what you are talking about, sorry. It’s not rocket science,
they are selling their bodies for a price. Body and soul go together. Even
if you don’t believe in God, in a few years that body wont look the same.
Where is her worth then. Basically, shes a hunk of meat. sorry.

juliancisthebest says:

She’s so fucking cute, omfg.

opiateEP says:

Why would that turn you on fag you bent little bitch boy get off you tube
its past your bed time what do you know about sex you probably lost your
virginity to a goat.

XanBcoo says:

I want to poop in your mouth

dsmoya31410 says:

I was about to download Charlotte Roche’s book as well. Glad I saw your
comment first. Thanks!

Saffron Crowley says:

I have no idea how I got here but holy shit that is gross. She’s kinda
funny though lol, I like her. xD

Zazen Zach says:

please point out where a “soul” is, or what it looks like. human
personality and cognitive functions are wholly carried out by the brain and
the chemical reactions that go on there. “soul” is an archaic and primitive
term from a a belief structure that went out of vogue when modern science
was invented. as for your other nonsense. most people sell their bodies. US
soldiers who join the military to “fight for their country” are giving
their bodies away.

GLEEKYGLEEK Heartz U says:

I love her. Not like sexually. But she is my role model. My Thinspo. Her
personality she is so graceful and so truthful.

Bauss says:

good to know she can read .

wwjd0723 says:

good speaker

Isabelle P says:


Tahlbrar says:

That can apply to every job you know.

Gimuel Ledesma says:

man she looks like my friend :O

ikawpipa says:

very educational.

King-Jong Ill says:

Souls… Are you serious ? Like, there is people that still believe in this
shit ?

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