Stoya on Gender Roles and More: VICE Podcast 005

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The VICE Podcast Show is a weekly unedited discussion in which we go inside the minds of some of the most interesting, creative, and bizarre people we come a…


Terrence Daugherty says:

Casino’s, the pinnacle of human achievement? Hmmm I’m thinking
Shakespeare’s writing, Einstein’s theories and the building of the pyramids
rank a little higher, just my opinion. She should stick to porn.?

Bloodstainer says:

Isn’t a podcast suppose to have like.. more than 2 people? This is just a

MrDukke45 says:

where fucking,no fucking,no interesting?

LateNightBarFight says:

She’s an idiot and I’m pretty sure she has Asperger’s.?

NemoNobody2092 says:

Stick to porn, Stoya.?

hannahv123 says:

What’s with the greasy hair and awful outfit? She usually looks so on
point. I mean she’s still hot here, but, it just seems odd for her. Maybe
she’s making a point about not having to look a certain way??

ConcreteGirl4 says:

People have sex with people of the same sex because they have some free
time on their hands…? Hmmm kay.?

Roddy Rod says:

Met this bitch at AVN. She was completely arrogant and rude. No respect or
consideration for fans. ?

Lenny Elenny says:

holy crap this is boring :D?

Andrew Hardy says:

Not that compelling, but a great conversation. ?

paintball626 says:

I don’t know how Reihan keeps a deadpan face when Stoya talks about fisting
and taking pine cones in the ass….?

opiateEP says:

Haha how stupid her job is more degrading than shoveling shit why do people
care what she thinks shes a whore literally. ?

smartguy9765 says:

I feel like i got nothing out of listening to that whole thing.?

Ralphine' Noir says:

Stoya is as interesting as a dim bulb!?

Kenny McCormick says:

what the fuck is her shirt supposed to be?!?

sandman3698 says:

so the feminist mother is ok with her daughter turning herself into a piece
of meat as long as she doesnt look like she would embody the “traditional”
female role of high heels? hmmm?

psyick says:

OK I skipped through but couldn’t find it, where’s the bit where he fucks
her on the table??

Katherine Maguire says:

The whole tone of this podcast changes when you play her compliation reel
on mute… to the audio of the podcast— kinda bummed out now.?

Fernando Hernandez says:

+R.J. Nick You put that perfectly. Everyone, go to and read her article
about the churches and the casinos. Completely incoherent. Stoya needs to
silence herself. ?

Pierce Arner says:

I found this to be a really interesting listen, and fully of lots of
really intriguing information about gender roles and perceptions/realities
of the adult industry. It’s rather NSFW just because of the topical
content, but it’s worth your time if you’ve got some to invest in listening
and would be interested in the discussion.?

Nikon005 says:

What ever way you look at it or call it , she’s paid money for men to stick
their dicks up her arse. Prostitution is the oldest profession in the
world. In Black and White terms she’s a whore.

thriveni saidam says:

Excellent Video! I was always getting complains from family , colleagues &
children’s &i was never understanding why? I consulted a psychiatrist and
she told me that I better figure out how I am doing different roles & how i
am balancing & for this calculations i used an iPhone app “iRoles” which
gave me percentage wise fulfillment of Roles. With the help of this report
& doctor, I now lead a more cool and balanced life!!

ausMareoz says:

Really dug this. Cool discussion

kevin380w says:

in spanish? or sobtitles?? tenks!


Finally: if you’re gonna insult me, just give me a simple ”fuck you” as
it saves me the trouble of having to read through some pretentious attempt
at a basic insult. Thanks.


Lastly: I’m not trying to prevent her from living. I never said ”kill the
whore” or ”I hope she doesn’t enjoy life”. I cast judgement. Whether out
in the street in some silly costume or running around naked in the park,
people will cast judgement. But that doesn’t equate to someone trying to
STOP your enjoyment of life. They are merely judging something you are
doing that is outside of the norm. Expect people to talk if that occurs,
and don’t be such a baby when criticism comes.

dgf6 says:

After the interview this guy went home and straight onto youporn and jacked
it to a stoya video furiously, Real talk.

IglooDweller says:

Everybody’s opinion matters.

alg11297 says:

Have you ever heard such psydo-intellectual drivel in your life? i’m
waiting for her to give one example of anything she says. She has an
advantage…..for example.

MetallicSisters says:

You come across as rather insecure. The idea that a woman does porn and is
quite intelligent is not that incoherent, some women are quite comfortable
with their sexuality and don’t see “taking dicks up her ass” as something
demeaning but rather as fun.


That’s…odd. I must be ignorant, cause I’ve never heard of such attitudes.
Or maybe I have, but dismissed them? As for warped views, unless you live
in a vacuum I would think people can tell that pronography is its own
seperate beast. This is coming from someone that knew sex jokes when he was
in third grade, by the way.

shyquietboy7 says:

That chic is cute and this video is boring. You guys should walk outside
while having a conversation. It’ll look less boring if you interview her
like outside where there is streets or some trees to look at. It makes me
sleepy as fuck!

seankhanh says:

wait wait.. are you talking about her or yourself 😉 so far as I’ve read,
each and every comment you’ve spewed onto this comment section has been
filled with that “faux-intellectualism” you accuse her of.. is the pot
calling the kettle black? You’ve exhausted many words to portray yourself
as this intelligent person. but then you also attempt to represent the
norm. which are u? are you a super brain or an average Joe? 😉 at this
point, a lot your BS has been contradicting itself.

m30wx says:

I think plenty of people who watch porn have strange views towards sex e.g.
they are often afraid people will find out they watch porn because many
sectors of society still frown upon watching it, and this could lead to
them having disturbed feelings towards sexuality. If a young teenager
watches extreme hardcore porn before she/he is ready, that could give them
very warped views about sex in general. You can quite easily be comfortable
watching porn but uncomfortable doing it yourself.

Michael Tschuertz says:

go on!

Skittles McStabbypants says:

Did you know that for the most part Vice started out as sort of a joke and
not a real source for news and accurate information. Certainly not a group
of people who would provoke thought and in depth intellectual
conversations. I think they are all feeling things out and finding their
way. It’s natural to be cautious when you’re doing that.

crudhousefull says:

She’s only 27? Hey she’s doing okay for 27. Go you dude.

H3nrix says:

Sure thing. I have no hopes for you, whatsoever. Not loosing another line


well, no, I don’t enjoy her pornography. I don’t find her attractive, but I
know OF her. I believe (yes, I’m too lazy to scroll up) that my initial
statement was that she isn’t an intellectual (which I know she tries to
come off as) and is merely covering for her profession. I never said I was
against pornography and being a libertarian means that I believe she has
every right to pursue her own line of work. But her faux-intellectualism is
obnoxious and a front. That’s all I’m saying.

Cujo99 says:

These two people are chill

IglooDweller says:

The interviewer’s phrasing is overcomplicated.

MrLoneWanderer820 says:

Talking to a pornstar about gender roles .. lmao

Fatima Mekkaoui says:

…and where and what facts do you think educated professionals get their
information from? Other textbooks? Ever hear of field experience? How could
such an “educated person” such as yourself overlook this crucial point? If
you’re not an expert in this “field” then I guess your comment about
shutting the fuck up applies to you as well.

m30wx says:

that’s the problem with the internet – it’s largely full of introverts who
have no idea what it’s like to be a confident extrovert who actually wants
to leave the house and experience as many different sensory things as
possible, and won’t let a few judgemental close-minded people prevent them.
How can you judge someone when they have a completely different innate
personality or mindset as you?

noooreally says:

Yes but as a professional we should be able to break through this wall. I
think it’s more then just an unconscious ego defense. It seems like it is
all contrived. Just trying to be hip by trying to be real, but not being
real. If you try to hard people can tell. I like the new guy who did the
Japanese boys club show, he seems real.

robertwill23 says:

Well, it’s kinda funny interview. As Stoya said in another interview –
Everyone asks me about politics coz I’m pale and flat-chested. So it is
kinda like in this interview. Stoya is smart and beautiful woman and has
many interesting views but Salam at times bombards her with over the top
questions full of smart words (a la Derrida) that are banal in a sense. He
can ask same questions without those “Slavoj Zizek” words. He
overcomplicates his own approach to issues.

BuddahMonsta. says:

Stoya’s beat.

m30wx says:

you’re very narrow-minded, aren’t you? She can be both an intellectual, and
a pleasure-seeker, the two aren’t mutually exclusive. She is clearly just
more of an extrovert or thrill-seeker than you are, meaning she is most
cortically aroused through externals acts such as sex… whilst you are
probably most cortically aroused when insulting people.

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