Riley Steele Interview

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Adult star Riley Steele talks about her career, Piranha 3D, and her new Fleshlight line.


Martino Sgattoni says:

riley + metallica , hell yeah !?

lahsene hosin says:

is god virey god?

Jack Ripper says:

I want to hold your nose and skull fuck you !!! lol?

Ryan Howell says:

She’s super hot ?

GoolevskiSb says:

@hanklohan You sir have no idea how porn industry works do you ? She is not
destroying her life, its was her choice to do porn. Pornstars get checked
every month for any STD before they do a scene, they get paid tons of cash,
and have fun doing it. Anyone who does drugs is forbidden to do porn,
especially on such high profile company as Digital Playground which Riley
has a contract with.

Thechazzojama says:

Your daddy watches your porn 😛

dubz06jnr says:

@twoscoops google it

Andrew J says:

bitch STFU . TAKE OFF UR TOP >:(

ResuEmanA says:

How did I get here?… well, you may be right about some of them, but a lot
of these girls are more self aware than you might realize. They are having
sex for a living and loving it, laughing their way all the way to the bank.
Half these girls think just like men and are stoked to have such an easy
job where they get paid to pleasure themselves and others and provide
entertainment… sometimes to the actual fucked-up-in-the-head-people) and
live an easy minded happy go lucky life without a care.

RoyMunsoned says:

My mistak

SpikeMichaels says:

Riley told me I was “gorgeous”…!!!!!!

Hank knight says:

Riley what are you chances of you committing suicide, addicted to drugs, or

Mistery Jay says:

@hanklohan Oh okay, I understand you. I feel the same way about people.

Kevin18035 says:

She is an exact copy of my bio-teacher 🙂

xexeron1 says:

So fucking hot!!!!!!

sam armytage says:

her left boob isn’t right .lol.

DeathMetalRegulator says:


Mistery Jay says:

@RoyMunsoned What the fuck does “bazing” mean?


@TheNextAvrilLavigne the age limit is 18 and up and shes in her 20s

Silvestrs Timofejevs says:

Mmmmmmm i like her, but she`s mad, i`m telling you bro…

sopranofan1984 says:

Pause at :2 Great money shot pose for her

dickvancock1 says:

@Kevin18035 im jealous

homergrand99 says:

does metallica know about this? lol

ms711711ms says:

Sexy little whore but she needs to get her asshole broken in

Hank knight says:

@GoolevskiSb keep drinking the purple koolaid and lying to yourself. I
guess when when you demean a girl’s self worth it makes her feel good about
herself, yeah. 90% of the girls in the porn industry have been sexually
before they got into the industry. This makes them loose their self worth
and there all men to use them. Silly silly boy.

james dubya says:

i love her,she is so amazingly hot!

VintageVCX says:

does lars know about this?

Mistery Jay says:

@RoyMunsoned What the fuck does “bazing” mean?

boobtuber06 says:

there’s something not right about her…

TheAlpineson says:

First time hearing her voice…sweet as well as sexy

zombiekilla464 says:

I’m not used to hearing her talk.. Always had a dick in her mouth lol

TheseProblemsMatter says:

@lawdog1259 What’s her brother like?

biancadive says:

ugh she is so annoying i swear there is only air in that head

lawrence johnson says:

her brother goes two my school

Mistery Jay says:

@hanklohan Im not helping them, I have no control on another human beings
mind, as for saying the 49ers joke…um, the 49ers suck and if she
committed illegal actions. It would never happen, because the 49ers will
never make the playoffs. So, why are you upset? Over my joke, where I dont
want her to do those things.

ipooh key says:

wow.first time i saw her with clothes

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