Here TV – Kayden Kross @ the Dinah (from America’s ONLY Gay TV Network)

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Join host Kayden Kross for an introduction and overview at Club Skirts and more! Thank you for watching! Please click the LIKE button and make sure to SUBSC…


bluetoo1212 says:

Sooooo hot……?

Joicy Fenty says:

excuse my French but best Fucking Host ever

paulabel1 says:

Glad to see Kayden is moving more into Presenting as shes great behind the
camera in that role, and i miss the Kayden Review 🙁

akongajenina says:

Oh wow! W-O-W Kayden! Whew!

The PNT Tv Network says:

It’s a webseries, ‘Girl/Girl Scene’ (Google it) She joined the cast in
season 2, it’s a lesbian series. You can also watch it on my website as
well. (check my channel for the link)

marie s says:

that’s nice, because it’s spontaneous. kayden is brave, because she just
does it – without thinking, she follows her feelings. both don’t care what
the ohters (the people around them) think. only this way, you will find a
grilfriend. great 🙂

John Almanzor says:


Manu Berk says:

i love how youtube knows me so well to put this in my recommended videos

Djerlucia Gomes says:

eu adoraria que ela me beijasse tambem….

sei cato says:

fuck!! i wanna meet her.. she’s pretty..

placeborfuckingclass says:

@TheIwanaloveyou tucky williams

Lightning865 says:

One does not simply kiss Tucky Williams once? Lol totally plan on going to
dinah someday!!

BemusedTIger says:

dont know who this kk is but she sure knows a lot of dykes

realiiitytime says:

haha 80% is search her porn now haha

lexican foreigner says:

Did anyone else get the mitt romney ad??!?!?!?!?!?!?! i was like wat the

Sowiwe says:


cherryortegue says:

ohh dinah your awesome! love it! :*

Dbusdriver71 says:

Where have I seen tucky williams before; she looks familar. Someone help
me, where have we seen her.

Tegan Rain says:

is Dinah shore really that crazy? :O I wanna go thereeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

tonacola78 says:


MobbadFlikka says:

oyyy så råligt

HardRocker_12 says:

I think I’m in love with Kayden Kross!!! She’s fn HOT <3<3

MRITALL1 says:

0:21 swallow that bitch!

x0xRaNdOmGaLx0x says:

Wtf?! Where is this place? What is this? Can I go there? O.O Or did I just
totally dream that…

Welmislav says:

Nice babe. But most of her porn scenes is boring. She’s good interviewer,
but bad fucker.

DeathsAngel619 says:

omg this is sooooo funny at 0:59 when tucky said….what what was that and
then they make out = AWESOME

yyysz says:


jmpsaved says:

and this is how every female reporter should be!

Jose Alberto Fernandez Sanchez says:

i like this tv show, i love it…

Lute Naylor says:


sanju girish says:

i want to fuck kayden…

mrsluna14 says:

I wanna go there!!! Q~Q

krum will says:

hot! x

christam24 says:

where is this stuff happening and why am i not there?

heilstrom says:

this video made me want to do push ups

Captain Planet says:


Vikas Sheth says:

why is a show anchor kissing an actress LIVE?

laurelmarie0703 says:

yummy as fuck

Inauspicious Narcoleptic (AKA MrCFCarePOO) says:

Oh Kayden! Just love you more and more.<3 <3 <3 Why doesn't Tracy Morgan go
on the men's pro golf tour & do something similar snogwise?

stephisafraidofyou says:


mrblackalchemist says:

Is she not lez? If not why is she there

mic00n64 says:

yes she is

Dbusdriver71 says:

I think so. That may be where I’ve seen her; you may be right.

Anj Raquion says:

The bald-fat-guy behind Tucky Williams was like “duh?! what the hell these
two girls are doing?!” Haha. Mind your own business Mr. Fat-Guy. 😀 By the
way the kiss was sooooooooo hot. Kayden is a good kisser, I guess. Well, we
can tell. Haha 🙂

Ruby Contreras says:

loving this

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