Pointless Podcast Ep. 49: Joanna Angel

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Joanna Angel and Kev talk first kisses and fleshlights. Get $25 off great phones/service with Ting! http://pointless.ting.com Subscribe on iTunes: https://it…


EdwardERS says:

What sucks about Joanna Angel porn IMO is that she chooses to do campy alt
porn instead of great all sex and gonzo stuff. Her best titles weren’t
directed or produced by herself. Her days of occasionally working on
releases published by companies like Diabolic, Red Light District and Evil
Angel are long gone understandably. It’s with those companies that she did
her best work.?

TheTalentedMoron says:

Come on Kevin, you cant say things like that about Grace. There are people
out there stupid enough to believe them. ?

Credence Blake says:

“call obama, send a drown there” lol, he is on point!?

Steven Aurand says:


Zach Daws says:


Martin Sills says:

One of your better podcast. I did miss the awkward live ting sponsorship.
Also the new study is awesome. Keep up the awesome work?

ApolloSol says:

I’mma be honest, after seeing her in porno after this super great

It feels weird watching her go full hoe-mode. It’s like seeing someone with
split-personalities and my brain not being able to see the two as one….
IDK. Her porn is brutal.?

Xersys says:

Trying to play skyrim with this running in the background, Skyrim kept
freezing up. Fuck Skyim, gonna watch kevin instead of dealing with that

Rory Parent says:

Another amazing guest KP. However I will NOT rest until you have Candace
Bailey and Sara Underwood back on for another AOTS reunion podcast. ?

Douglas Howard says:

I need to find these trailers lols

QuAkEr OaTz says:

Thanks to your podcast KP, I hit 206 on flappy bird while listening to

SpaceWindu says:

Where’s Brian??

Gregory Clark says:

Another great episode! She was an awesome guest.?

Zac Schulstad says:

That’s the best present ever. She’s like the flashlight Santa! ?

SinderJohn says:

I fucking love the poro behind kevin.?

Trippy Hippie says:

“Oh, that was a hobo being shot outside our studio” I lol’d?

gordonfreebase says:

keep up the good work kp. The podcast will take off eventually JRE wasn’t
built in a day?

michaelclarkeduncan2 says:

I love you Kevin <3?

Michael Erickkson says:

Been watching since day one and still fantastic amazing job Kevin.?

L Franco says:

Kevin is sharp and quick witted,he should have a show on tv again!?

J0NNYBOY says:

Kevin – stop chopping up the video!!! I can’t speak for everyone else but i
like the uncensored / uncut version of your podcast. Like Rogan’s podcast.

TheKubason says:

first! suck it kevin?

toastersXftwX says:

These are so fun to listen to.?

graefx says:

That was hilarious. She’s awesome. ?

Vietnamburger says:

Natalie Portman is Jewish?!?

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