Joanna Angel – Yeshiva Girl Turned Adult Star

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Close Joanna Angel went to yeshiva through 8th grade. She was raised an Orthodox Jew. She graduated from Rutgers with a degree in English a…


Achavasha Jacob Price says:

Just be yourself.?

Herb Herbert says:

Someday when she does settle back down again and become a monogomist “good
little Jewish girl” again I hope I get a chance, lol. Love her work and her

tattooabilly says:

i dont see what religion has to do with this, so what if shes jewish,
catholic, or whatever

energy613 says:

What’s Joanna’s Jewish name?

ammalato says:

I went to high school with Joanna. No joke.

trinket01 says:

what a sad woman..especially a Jewish woman.what a shame

EconAtheist says:

Shame on her for living her life as she sees fit. BOOOO! 😐

sadisticstone says:

Is Joanna drunk?

matisyahup613 says:

we need moshiach.. even someone who feels jewish sees no problem in doing
thees things.

matisyahup613 says:

The Torah says in Parshas Kedoshim, that we should be holy to hashem.
Rashi, one of the most prominent commentators, writes that the way a person
shows this is being modest in terms of sexuality. Look, I understand the
world is in a low spiritual standing, and if you want to act like this you
have every right to, but it angers me that you display yourself as a
yehsiva girl gone porn star, its a big chillul hashem and he should have
rachamim rabim on you. Moshiach NOW!!

boazusa says:

poor girl….

grunteater says:

I don’t know how to feel about this. The lengths my people have fallen.

jack1979x says:


Reporter says:

Luke Doesn’t even let the camera to her mouth, That’s how shmutz she is and
how clean this channel will stay, LOL EPIC!!!!

youdoitillwatch says:

Maybe, but I’m interested in what your parents think about your failed porn
career. They probably weren’t surprised, since you’re a deviant…but have
a small cock.

theno1katzman says:

I think she’s beautiful all girls should be like her, open about sexuality
and not be shameful about it.

TheCommie says:

That’s as big a change in direction I can imagine.

Reporter says:

She likes Abuse

Iskandar613 says:

She talks and looks so stupid,no wonder she became who she became she
didn’t have brains for anything else.If she Jewish?No body knows for
sure!But she’s dumb

RockinReuven says:

Isn’t this a Chillul HaShem?!

kevinhardy says:

yeah i d bang her

fuduzan5562 says:

She’s so loveable. 🙂

cdowg187 says:

Alt. Porn girls actually get into the scene, that’s why they’re the best!

Brian Smeester says:

The Antichrist is plural, The Jew is the Antichrist.

doglin82 says:


MonetaryReformForum says:

Orthodox jews r just as bad as white supremacists in regards to interracial

itellthetruth5 says:

I’m sure here JerseyJewish parents are proud that she’s taking cocks in her
ass, covered in cum from strangers and getting slapped around on video.

eaglesperm says:

The Talmud states that women minds are inferior to the minds of men and
that they should not be educated because they will only use education as a
means of procuring illict sex. I think that Joanna needs to quit being a
Jew and find another religion that doesn’t make her look like an idiot. Oh,
wait! The Torah states that Jews are supposed to kill Jews that quit being
Jews… (Don’t worry, we will save you from the hateful Jews… just don’t
go to Israel!)

jewishcowgirl says:

I like to get goyim to kiss my Tzit Tzit…..

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