2013 XBIZ Awards ARRIVALS of the lovelies Alexis Texas, Kayden Kross, Jessica Drake, Vicky Vette

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2013 XBIZ Awards ARRIVALS of the lovelies Alexis Texas, Kayden Kross, Jessica Drake, Vicky Vette

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Jessica Drake

Jessica Drake Fleshlight

Fleshlight has ultimately done it! They’ve added Jessica Drake to their line of Fleshlight Girls. Fleshlight gave Jessica the full treatment. When they invited Jessica Drake to their studios, they cast her vagina, her butt and her lips. There are five Jessica Drake Fleshlights to choose from in all.

Your five options with Jessica Drake are as follows. If you choose Jessica’s pussy, you have three different options. Your first option is the Jessica Drake Lotus Fleshlight. The Lotus is available on all of the different Fleshlight Girls.

Jessica Drake, taken at the Pink TV party

Jessica Drake, taken at the Pink TV party (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Your other option, if you choose Jessica’s pussy, is the Jessica Drake Mini-Lotus Fleshlightis, and 3rd option, her signature Fleshlight, the Jessica Drake Heavenly Fleshlight. The Heavenly is unique to Jessica Drake and is only available with her. Your two other options are her butt or her lips. If you choose Jessica’s rear end you get the Jessica Drake Forbidden Fleshlight. If you choose Jessica’s lips you get the Jessica Drake Swallow Fleshlight. Choosing just one of the Jessica Drake Fleshlights can be hard. Luckily, Fleshlight has their

Vicky Vette On DP Tonight

Vicky Vette On DP Tonight (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fleshlight Girls Orgy promo, where you can mix and match textures and girls, plus save yourself some money.
On this page you will find information about the five different Jessica Drake Fleshlights.

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Eugeny Krupoderov says:

How many pornoSLUTs?

Eugeny Krupoderov says:

Alexis Texas was 0:53 – 1:02, stupid gay.
But where is Johnny Sins??

sixtyeight Whiskey says:

I find it hilarious when dudes pose in the pics with the whores. Like
anybody gives a shit about them.?

Mikhail Khapov says:


ghostmelee says:

did not see alexis texas?

RASheD144 says:

just like heaven ?

Vadet h says:

who is the girl at 2:24?

MrStackers76 says:

Who is the blonde at 5.30 please?

Clarice L says:


David mora says:

how long have kayden and manuel been dating?

blablablablablabb says:

Samantha Saint

Rehan Khan says:

girl…. shes a MILF

LilGregTheBastard says:

Who the girl at 6:28?

jumplool says:

who’s that girls at 0.46 ?

maximotv says:

Celeste Star and Capri Cavanni – See playlist for the individual videos

Ignacio Andres says:

6:38 ?

thebigkingjj says:

3:20 ugly monsta

fethitoune says:


White House says:

Free accounts only in my film 😉

maximotv says:

Vicky Vette

Zoran Grbic says:

there are some very hot, sexy and pretty girls out here …

CrossTheLine1000 says:

OMG whatta beautiful girls!!!

Semidioz says:

Yeah, please respond both of us.

Rehan Khan says:

Taylor Stevens shes on youtube also!

Fiddleplayercowboy says:

I mean the one on the left at 1:35…wow…

Claude-Maxime Zagol says:

she looks like Samantha Saint

Donny Aldridge says:

Kayden smokes them all easily..

Raymond Rangel says:

OMG! Jessica Jaymes is the Hottest ASS ever! She’s at the 4:50 mark in the
blue dress 🙂

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