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budderman223 says:

I have met her no fucking joke

Hope Kennedy says:

Sounds as if you were getting rape in the ass while giving details, you
THOT! Haha!! XD You’re an object, hun! No guy is gonna want that
unattractive shit but knowing you.. all you want is to get fucked for
fame!! XD I’m gonna laugh when you get fucked so many damn times that
you’ll start to have scars on your pussy! XD XD You probably already have
craps or some shit from China, dude, like no shit!! X XD Got cob webs down
there?! Retire yourself! And quit being an annoying bitch before you catch
a herniah!! XD XD?

dastan michel says:

i cummed only on 5 seconds?

helmut hackedisch says:

we know u are a whore , just say the pirce stupid bitch. i bet i would be
the 200 guy in ur fuckin pussy , am i , fuckin useless whore . get fucke by
him , good luck ?

Hoodsofsecrecy says:

I got hard in 3 seconds?

wanna buttawan says:

Dream on dirty lady…?

Hewittz33 says:

daddy will be proud?

Alexandra Ioannidis says:

Holy shit?

Gee Squared says:

How dare she use Mitt Romney’s last debate speech.

MyIAMB says:


Swayam Shekhawat says:

WTF! was that lol?

stefan murhagen says:

Wow girl you are so hot 😉 I would like to kiss you and fuck you 😉 I would
like to have in my fucking cock in your fucking pussy ;)?

Nick White says:

Wow, so subtle, so sensual.?

The Frazzle says:

damn shes hot?

Christop well says:

faster than eminem?

Greg Gamble says:

would not let my dog screw you. what a loud mouth

fimmwolf says:

works for me

MonkeyStompVideos says:

I feel like I was raped through the Internet and I’m somewhat ok with the
fact that that just happened

rickc747 says:

best speech of the last century

ChivasOnline says:

she is so crazy 😀

fitz068 says:

im gunna be fucking the hell out of her fleshlight pussy when it comes in
the post lol

TheTrueDeezy says:

she looks like shes rapping or somthing

mobspeak says:


bigalex1983 says:


brianofbluemethod says:

Totally agree with Manson323. Say all that same shit, but be sensual. And
where’s the girlieness? I saw Caramel once ask, ”You like me sucking yer
cock?” He says, ”Yes.” She says, ” I love it!” like she was eating her
1st meal in days.

hellrazor24 says:

if you a guy and if this dont get you hard…you dont deserve to have a

Lemi Tuch says:

the best dirty talk in german – youtube.com/watch?v=0_PfqeBOGfo

Miguelizk00l says:

This makes me pre-ejaculate. 😉 lmao

Apphase says:

holy fuck you are pathetic… Why would you surround yourself with
unintelligent lowlifes in an apacolpyse ?

Nicolas Annen says:

ist guckking hard zo write witzh thew left hahnd

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