Pr0n Stars on the Red Carpet – Jesse Jane

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The host of the AVN awards was as energetic as ever! Besides being one of the hottest Porn Stars out there, Jesse Jane is also very funny girl! Check out thi…


Vegeta says:

2:22-2:23 Watch Background LOL?

jack cook says:


Danny Kasanwiradi says:

I “talk” all the time xD…….?

Ben H. says:

Guy’s I have had sex with Jesse and I can tell you it was heaven!?

The35Basketball says:


CATfaceCutie says:

I love her! Such a beauty inside and out!?

stubbi1001 says:

she is a hot blonde barbie! love it

John Duffy III says:

Perfect 12 blonde porn babe, Jesse Jane is a porn sweet delight!

flawless says:


Furko Turko says:

You prolly born yesterday ? It’s called ”American pride” means, they have
no pride son, no self respect nothing. Just cheap people. For them its
normal to fuck others and going home in the evening and living with each
other like nothing happened.

woogenooberman woogenoobermanwin says:

@JesseJane is quite at the ready with her improvisational skills. `=|

Leo Marcel van Leeuwen says:

Jesse awesome pretty 😀

super owls says:

hope her new boy friend takes her out of it,it can,t be much fun know every
cunt is banging your girl

SpikeMichaels says:

Fuck, she is soooo hot..what planet is she from?

Vegeta says:

she sound pretty stupid

liopoldas553 says:

Porn star says that she haves a big mouth… No shit 😀

Dexter Morgan says:

Rachel is much much nicer then the pornstars 😀

StylishCreature says:

she many talk

Humberto Arroyo says:

always talk or always suck? ha ha is a joke

Anthony Martinez says:

Future MENSA member??

Chris Zintelis says:

They usually both are in the adult industry. The few times female pornstars
quit porn out the blue, it’s because they did “fall” for a guy outside the

walts Kfan says:


lookimstuck says:

shit….i was waiting for that nip slip

Sarah Schmidt says:

Nip slips usually happen when a woman’s boobs move. Her boobs are fake, so
they don’t move as much – if at all.

LeSenilDuQuebec says:

i cant keep the eye contact SHIT ! BOOOBS !

haha1991ish says:

Dumb bitch

Kyle Sergei says:

I think if her dress drops half an inch down, I’d probably see her nipples.

walts Kfan says:

love beautiful jessejane and her work id rock her world lol

TheJJSmith92 says:

I’d rock hers as well for 30 seconds 😀

maciej wrotek says:

damn i wish she talked with gag in her mouth that would be so sexy

supermanXL says:

dating a pornstar is one thing but marrying is another

Mizta Blaq says:

How do u date a chick who takes jizz on her as a daily occupation?

Damian Nie dam says:


channelswimmer says:

Mexican with the neck tatty…that’s about as high as any pornstar can
realistically achieve. Best of luck to them both.

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