Jenna Jameson first appearance on Howard Stern (1995) Part 1

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Howard talks to 21 y/o Jenna about underage stripping, getting into porn and her first bi-sexual experience.


judy reeves says:

Jameson is a filthy cunt, she could have secretly fucked Stern and received
a creampie from him also, S-L-U-T!?

judy reeves says:

My god Howard is a sick freak, wanting to have sex with Jenna and shit!
Jenna was so beautiful and cute, now the surgery and other things messed up
her good looks.?

Jo B says:

howard stern is fucking gross?

246824angel says:

I LUV JENNA JAMESON! I’ve read most of her book..”How to Make Love Like a
Porn Star”.N as I watch this video… I get a bit offended at how Jenna is
spoken to.. She’s a beautiful woman n she as of a lil girl that lost her
dear mother due to cancer at a VERY young age.. give her a break! I relate
to her. I’d luv to meet n hug her. She’s so sweet. N I feel that how ppl
talk to her…She’s holdn back yet she wants to cry! I know more bout her
now…n I do! ?ya4ever! Heart breaker 🙂 my sugar Jenna!!! ?

Sal F says:

oh god wheres part 2?

Kataynagirl says:

Seriously??! ?

Nazri Buang says:

I heard Howard Stern begged to get Jenna Jameson laid. ?

Alex Skywalker says:

jenna looks much better before the plastic surgery?

C. Millz says:

This whore pisses me off. Kim Kardashian had sex @ 13 so she’s more of a
whore then a pornstar. ?

AssAdmiration says:


luvyou baby says:

9:56 shit i forgot this is youtube?

MutedChord says:

Nine Inch Nails at 4:26.

MattyDGenSwine says:

hahahahaahahahahahahaaha I got so pumped to see those tits. and boooom gone.

kingster911 says:

3:00 LOL

No life loser who spends huge amounts of his time posting comments on YouTube says:

I know that was terrible

Joseph Twentynine says:

“How many movies have you made?” _”About fifteen.” Oh, how things change.
What’s the count now, a thousand?

varsityvixen says:

Maybe you’re mixing it up with the one on her ankle. In old pictures you
can see “Robert’s Crazy Girl” on her ankle, though she later got the
“Robert’s” covered. She talks about that in her book too, but she calls him
by another name. I just wish it was clearer in the video so I could tell
what it is.

We Are Legion says:

You do realize that models use their BODIES to model, right?

Meek s says:

9 movies a year. Can you tell the internet wasn’t around yet?

corby6 says:

haha cut off before the tits get shown

Seva25 says:

I love the way Jenna looked…so young and innocent…there is this
sexiness and innocence about her that I miss

varsityvixen says:

what is her tattoo of? i know later on she had it expanded into a dragon
but here it just looks like some fog with like a stick in it or something.

theCRMartin11 says:

I agree. The plastic surgery looks bad too.


Full interview NOW!!!!!!!!’

RoyMunsoned says:

3:56 thanks robin, your input is never appreciated. even in 1995 i fucking
hate what you bring to the show.

MrThekidisback says:

having a Tattoo was a crazy thing back then lol

Laura Cassidy says:


hippaul says:

Think it was the name of one of her old boyfriends if I recall.

FingerPail says:

last coke why dont you!

Wayne Manzo says:

They all work for the Super Jew Klan CIA that owns all the media outlets
and the Entertainment Industry so they are actors in a sense but those that
are Super Jews are giving AIDS and HIV to the Human Gentiles that still are
acting in this industry. It is against Super Jew law for Human Gentiles to
earn real money in any industry and it is against Jew law for Gentiles to
have sex unless they are breeding Super Jews for the Klan__so the SJs are
injecting Gentiles with AIDS and HIV! Wake Up!

giaisabella13 says:

this is when i fell in love with her :-p

caulen says:


Deacon Rogers says:

She has a lot of close up pictures where you can tell the difference in her
teeth. Not to mention if you watch any of her porn, you can see right into
her mouth.

nevadajesse says:

Is anyone disgusted by Howard Stern?

bdzbdz says:

ARE U FUCKING KIDDING ME ?!?!?!?!?!?!?! You ended there u sick fuck ?!

muchomusiclibre says:

She was great back then, super hot and kind of shy. Tito got the used

Andre Nut,z says:

How come all the female guest`s on the show are stupid, slutty pieces of

Iman Pourhassani says:

Check out my party song Holy Iman – Bass Thumps.

sthao1 says:

How come shes lying? Didnt she say she was molested/rape by her boyfriend’s
uncle in her book?

Cassandra Fín says:

How do you notice teeth so far away?

Ronald Castillo says:

I’m horny

Orlando Tragic says:

she was the queen back then, peice of ass galore

Lvduggo69 says:

Aaaaah , fuck ! Part 2 is gone. ;( I can’t find it. Jenna was soooooo
smokin hot before all her plastic & whatever she did to her body. It’s a
shame, she looks nothing like this now. Still my all time favorite porn
star. Except for dick dribbles. Hello frisco !!!!!!!

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