Jenna Haze talks about piss

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Brian Golding says:

+kevilinsky – Nope.?

Bart Naessens says:

17 and already having foursome with people you met online?

Sick puppy?

slackdave says:

what a girl!!!

SalvageB292 says:

She seems like she would be fun to hang out with on a day-to-day basis
doing normal things…

TheBlazingGunXx1 says:

yeaim 12 im also a sick minded person

100irathen says:

sale pute va a l enfers

Kim Jong-un says:


kevilinsky says:

She reminds me so much of Jennifer Carpenter

rabidninja says:

thats a pornstar id love to bang

lugapandemonium says:

Janna Haze is supercute.

snowpez says:

she is sooo nasty lol



Daniel39363 says:

Yeah I agree, weirdly.

Daniel39363 says:

Hence the word stage, meaning fake, fuckhead.

Obet Juan Quenove says:

Definitely, Super Cute!!!

goatsterrman says:

Pee on film…pftt, I won’t do that, some things are sacred

fukk tyler says:

what the fuck is wrong with you guys, this bitch is not cool at all.

Danton Steele says:

I had a dream in the mormon parking lot…..and there were gaping holes and
big big boobs.

Dallas Ton says:


Fiddlestickz1 says:

I love her giant tongue, it just looks too sexy when she sticks it out to
catch a thick load and then proceeds to play around with it. She is one of
the best!

G1formation says:

wow what a dirty little pig

amitomo8 says:

She’s super cute.. And totally hippie.. Yipi!

Daniel39363 says:

What the fuck are you talking about? Leave before you embarrass yourself
even further you little fuck.

xGoodBoy91 says:

Sexy from head to toe.

gregjr58 says:

the coolist person 🙂

Tyler Robertson says:

she takes a completely awkward topic and talks about it like the morning
news. Astonishing.

Taras Domshyy says:

what up fuckers! whos younger than me (16) ?

James Dorman says:

@Daniel39363 I met her at a strip club where she was featuring once and she
really is just as cool, mellow, and down to earth in person as you’d think.

1954seawolf says:


thedelta445 says:

haze is one of my fav and am l the only one that well not love but
LIKES!!!!!! her stage personality and likes her real personality!?!?!? and
l would fuck her if l ever got the chance!! xDDD

Sharkonabicycle says:

LOL not sure how I got here, but I do know who Jenna Haze is. Either way,
I’d just like to hang out with her for a day. No sex crap, just hang out at
a bar, go to a club or something and play some pool, dunno. Go with
friends, etc. Just seems like a cool person to be around. Male celebs
(don’t know many famous ones in porn) are like that too. How awesome would
it just to be to hang with a bunch of them?

Jenna Baldwin says:

that’s nasty…this girl has no self-respect but gotta love ther girls

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