Fleshlight Vibro Demonstration Video

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Women on Top: How Real Life Has Changed Women'...

Women on Top: How Real Life Has Changed Women’s Sexual Fantasies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fleshlight Vibro Demonstration Video.


Fleshlight Kisses

Fleshlight Kisses (Photo credit: Sugar and Vice)


English: Author: Interactive Lifeforms, Inc. S...

English: Author: Interactive Lifeforms, Inc. Source: Interactive Lifeforms, Inc., creators of Fleshlight. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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gean lucas says:


Lucas Sales says:


jdog725 says:

mmmmmmmmmmm i need this 1 also

xxsoundofsilencexxx says:

wow shes really cute

Rahim MohammadPour says:


camel wide says:

wow, whats the name of that girl?

matte87matte says:

@killer2752 Do they really do work?

dhoerst says:

@logopants Too busy to type or don’t want to gab up the keys

Anastasia Knight says:

@ghost333ful her nails are gorgeous too

Anastasia Knight says:

@urnotgellin it’s called lube man

lilmehtz69 says:

Crissy Moran!! Sooo hot!

socomaster says:

i just bought one hehe 😀

ghost333ful says:

does the girl come with? 😮

Anastasia Knight says:

@Dorisequador I felt one of the products and I was like “I’m getting one
for my future husband!!!!” lolz

UltimateWarrior45 says:

It’a a trap

ken6x says:

@camelwide888 do you want to use your “flesh light” wale watching her

Anastasia Knight says:

@socomaster what’s it like?

urnotgellin says:

=( i couldnt get my dick past the walls!!!!!

shoptinhai168 says:

shoptinhai. com chuyên ?? ch?i sex giá r?

Anastasia Knight says:

@Dorisequador not if he wears a cock ring lolz

logopants says:

Funny how there’s nearly 40k views but only 4 comments… 5

mike van den broek says:

@matte87matte yhea they work but its better with a real girl 😉

Anastasia Knight says:

@Vforceboy no but im getting one for my future husband (I’m single right

Vforceboy says:

any one here actually have one. lol

mike van den broek says:

i have one 😛

OnePlayful says:

Dodohria o/?

Banana Marciana says:

Vou vender na polishop?

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