ATKingdom Interviews The stunning Eufrat (aka Jana)

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ATKingdom Interviews The stunning Eufrat (aka Jana)

Eufrat (aka Jana) is interviewed on the set of one of her latest photo shoots.

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Eufrat and Kyla Fox are fucking together – HellPorno Mon, 17 Mar 2014 10:38:01 GMT

Categories: Masturbation, Lingerie, Brunette, Lesbian, Shaved Pussy, Slender, Kissing, Pornstar, Natural Tits, Bedroom. Models: Eufrat, Kyla Fox.

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Ariel OR Eufrat Mai Primal FL??? – Fleshlight Forums Sun, 02 Feb 2014 12:18:02 GMT

Who would you choose between the two? I’m having a hard decision choosing between those 2 😛 Here’s a poll: http ://

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Heaven 003 – with Eufrat » Receive Better Porn Clips Online. This is Thu, 17 Nov 2011 03:33:45 GMT

Release Year: 2011 Studio: Alsangels Cast: Heaven, Eufrat Genres: Masturbation, Shaved, Photoshoot, Lesbo, Strapon Heaven is posing on the bed with her best friend Eufrat to start off this.

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Shannon photo shoot

Shannon photo shoot (Photo credit: davidyuweb)

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kellizipper says:

Its her eyes that kill me among other things I sure in the hell would not
turn her down in a club fo shooo!?

DepthofField25 says:

Geeze, what a horrible interviewer. We could’ve gotten a lot more
interesting information out of her if the girl didn’t just faux laugh then
immediately move on every time she answered a question.?

Chanel Miller says:

if she came to me in a club she would not even have to ask. we can
definitely have a sex a!!!! in fact i would be honored to be just another
notch on her belt. what kind of lady turns a woman like her down, i know i
wouldn’t for a second. lol she’s amazing, absolutely beautiful. she’s too
good for porn in my opinion. ?

fjd85 says:

Great interview skills there… Listen to what the bird is saying next
time. Douchebag?

Ann Wall says:

aka eufrant …loves sex…and isn’t afraid to enjoy herself…very hot and
a fabulous body!?

Badger at Toad Hall says:

i love you eufrat!!!!?

Nikola Celic says:

ahahahhahahhhahah 😀

Apple Mentes says:

I want her.

SkyzombieSerbia says:

Brat Eufrat se dosta promenio 😀

Mentok76 says:

I’m so in love with her like, for real. Look at that face! So exotic! And
the body… WOW! I’d take her to any island she wants to go.

sk8ernutdw says:

So her real name is jana or another alias name? Eufrat id beautiful. I
wanna marry her lol

DancingSpiderman says:

Lucky water in the tub. I wanna be the water molecules that surround her
lovely body.

BloodSpawn33 says:

Czech girls are the hottest.

Park Taah Yeon says:

She’s bisexual … She says it at 2:00 … 😀

Gabrielle Carolina says:

Calm down! She’s bisexual. It’s ALMOST the same thing. lol

Jack Hoffman says:

5 dislikes are part of the gay rights movement.

Danielle jacob says:

I was 100% sure she’s a lesbian. Seriously if you look at her videos and
compare the ones with girls and guys she just looks like such a pro with
girls and like she’s enjoying every single moment. as a lesbian its really
hard to come across good real lesbian porn, and hers is freaking awesome.
espacially with eileen and blue angel. so yeah really suprised she’s not a

salvatore verri says:

beautiful girl

RicoCoracao2011 says:

eufrat is the best from this xbiz.. my fav girl

BoGery says:

Sorry I didn’t understand what she said from 3:20 to 3:25. Can someone
transcribe it please?

takewhole says:

my ideal babe, has it all. perfect 10.

vyvian1105 says:

Are not she’s a lesbian??? why she have a boyfriend…?

Alexandria Enns says:

“Can you go uuh.. home with me and have a sex?”

zekeboy24 says:


chonlada tiyjarone says:

i love you so mach Eufrat :3

Spartacus says:

I think she said, “Dirty.. not nice woman” lol

David Starx says:

english, do you speak it?

1Beautifulblossom says:

iknow. =/

eMKaCorp89 says:

noo ! polish girls are the hottest !! but chech girls are nice too ..maybe
just because theye’re so close to each other 😉 peace

Timetoletgo100 says:

Who dares to click “dislike”? I am gonna f*cking kill him!!!!
(kiddding….don’t, just, don’t come at me…Eufrat is super hot though,
probably the bottest thing in the world!)

Olivia Wilde says:

Looooooooove! omg.

Kris rockett says:

well if youre come to Bali,ill be your guide LOL

nyar miabista says:

shes gorgeous… love her eyes =)

freddiego60 says:

the perfect woman

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