UFC fighters weigh in on War Machine, Christy Mack situation

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Some heated words by UFC legends and fighters Ken Shamrock, Wanderlei Silva and Rashad Evans. Inner Circle Agency Jay T also gives his opinion on the situation.


bry1more says:

Rashad Evans is an Idiot, “Dog will get his ass whip going after war
machine”. Nobody’s trying to fight him, either they will taze him or kill
him. That’s wrong with people especially Black Men, they think their going
into fist fight, ends up being a gun fight and they lose. ?

Nicolas Alcalde says:

Unless a woman is trying to kill someone, there are 0 reasons to hit her.
All it shows is that you are insecure and feel powerless over here. It is
the same thing as psychos torturing animals or gangs of cops beating people
to death. They are all weak and stupid people that have never felt power
before, so they use it to gain some sort of unwarranted control over
someone else. It shows complete stupidity and cowardice and people like
this should be thrown off a cliff. ?

Boomer Sooner says:

Abusive douche bag guys always get the girl!?

agonise says:

He needs to get to the Inner Circle of a Shampoo company…..greasy :O?

enesog says:

03:02 The only person who thinks straight. There is always 2 sides of a
ps: Nobody hits nobody for no reason.?

rorrt says:

Jesus Christ! Jay T should have kept his mouth SHUT!

He said that he was fearing for his life, or words to that effect…
Which part of him hacking off her hair with a blunt knife makes it look
like he was fearing for his life.
Which part of him attempting to rape her makes it look like he was fearing
for this life.
Or forcing her to have a shower, and watch her?
Or the fact that she is a 106 lbs woman, and hes a 170lbs MMA FIGHTER!

And that later he went on the run, and has now been caught.

Jay T should have seriously kept his mouth shut.?

qbl22 says:

fyi Ken knocked out a girl too……..?

gai kreene says:

Didnt ken beat some bitches ass at the mall before realizing it was a
woman? Lol?


Dont worry eric cartman will find him if u know what i mean??

Killa Kam says:

War Machine banged Ken Shamrocks daughter and left her in the desert too

Carl Thompson says:

dog is soft as shite i remember when they all ran away after sumot broke

Rick Pennell says:

Lol I can’t believe the internet still surprises me sometimes. Saying there
are two sides to this story is code for it’s fine to beat a woman to within
an inch of her life assuming she cheated on him (or for any other reason).
That’s a pretty disturbing thought in itself…?

stimp01 says:

Sad that Shamrock said that shit. I lived next door to him when Jon lived
with him, and we BOTH trained him. The story behind his daughter getting
left is completely bogus. She REFUSED to come back with him across the
border. The truth is so slow getting out. Pathetic.?

rhys Jones says:

That Jay-t guy is a cock. No matter what the build up to it is or what the
other side of the story is! You should never hit a woman no matter what the
circumstances are… He’s a fuckin asshole…. obviously has hit women
himself!!! ?

Nobody Important says:

He’s pretty lucky that those U.S. Marshals didn’t show him what a “War
machine” *really* looks like. They’ve been known to do that on occasion.
(Ruby Ridge comes to mind.)?

David Powers says:

Mack T (idiot of the year award nominee) says “he beat her, but… there’s
two sides to everything.”

Translation: “the bitch probably deserved it”

Rebuttal: What could she have possibly done to deserve 18 broken bones in
her face, knife wounds, and near rape from a professional mma fighter?

Answer: Nothing.

And the award for biggest fucking idiot going through a midlife crisis and
rationalizing women beating goes to…. Mack T!!! ?

salg says:

Alpha male shit drives a Prius…


fierro27 says:

The last guy was an idiot. There is no “buts”, girl got beat up. ?

StSimonMartyr says:

Big deal. Almost all of South America still allows a husband right to kill
his cheating wife! Men forget to be men these days…who wants to pay for
and raise someone elses kid? Fools?

RAZERDsXe says:

war machine vs dog n ken lol?

oldschoolrock4evr says:

Al these people just white knighting i mean the bitch sucked dick when he
came in and no one even adresses it, its all war machine fault…i mean he
s gone too far but people should at least understand his stand point?

Mitchell Gordon says:

I was hired by Dog “The Bounty Hunter” Chapman to find War Machine….I
spent 6 hours today scouring his social media and saw that he loves pizza.
I told his people to check pizza places that deliver in Simi Valley were he
grew up……Well, they did…….AND………..CAPTURED HIM!!!!! I found
War Machine!!!!! ?

mekanicaldave says:

This jerkoff has MACK tattooed on his neck…. Something ain’t right?

lo5 says:

Lol Rashad ” dog will get his ass beat”?

Claude Edwards says:

I wonder why is ass is not constantly in the press just saying?

RespectMyThickness says:

There are two sides to every story but there’s no reason to royally FUCK

Many Gods says:

Damn that’s fucked up…I love Christy Mac’s porn videos?

Dj Long says:

Dude at the end is a douche he looks like a wwe star and he prolly beats
women too
We all know that all women lie and cheat and do fucked up and unfaithful
things but we cant beat them to death leave that shit to the Muslims ?

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