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Philip DeFranco says:

R.I.P Robin Williams :/?

DeadpoolAndFriends says:

No Phil. It is complicated, but Suicide is the most selfish thing.?

N*E*R*D* says:

She couldn’t walk or talk, but she could run out of the house and hop a
fence?? Hmmmm…?

Ashan Rodruigez says:

Robin did not commit suicide, he was slowly murdered by his mother, ex
wives, and the state. Similarly, War Machine’s violence was a result of his
mother. Why are we focusing on male behavior when it’s just a symptom of
female behavior??

Daniel Marquez says:

Changing my comment: I think people should have more respect for cops. I
also think being a cop should be a well paid difficult job to get. I think
bad cops deserve to be punished more severely than regular citizens. There
should be very little repercussions for using a tazer to encourage more
tazer and less weapon usage. All cops should have a chest mounted camera.?

Wolvenlight says:

+TheEpicNinja you said: “The basic story is that a girl got beat up by her
abusive boyfriend. Women are stupid for seeking out douchbags. If you date
a douchbag, more than likely that’s going to happen to you.”

Wrong. It was actually her ex boyfriend. They’d been broken up for months
before he dropped in on her unannounced in this case. Also, abusers are
notorious for being really good actors and manipulators, and if he’s
anything like the stereotype, he lured her in before showing his abusive
side, and probably kept her in with threats and victim blaming.

How your comment has 32 thumbs up I have no idea. No offense, I get the
frustration of seeing this kind of thing happen, but that’s no reason to
assume the worst of the victim, especially when you don’t have all the

(Consider me successfully trolled by the disabling of replies. On a related
note: Blame Google+)?

Robert Herrera says:

I’m calling b.s. on the testimony of the friend of that guy that got shot
by the cop. I just don’t see a cop pulling over just grab a guy and then
kill him out in plain sight, just like that. Come on… really? Who’s
buying this?/? ?

MrFlamesFan12 says:

War machine is such a douche. I don’t care who you or what you do but if
you hit a woman, to me you have lost your manhood. I really dont know how
Mack would have those kind of injuries if War machine was “defending
himself”. I hope that son of a bitch gets put behind bars and never sees
the light of day again. ?

CCGaming says:

I play CoD and I do enjoy it. But this AW looks to be copying TITANFALL way
too much. They have suits which are basically small titans, jet packs and
invisibility which works in the identical way as TITANFALL. If TITANFALL
hadn’t been balanced it would have gone horribly wrong. Has CoD EVER been
balanced? No. Closest ones to being balanced were CoD4, MW2 and WaW?

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((O) says:


dick little says:

Clinical depression is NOT a temporary state but a chronicle disease. ?

Josh M says:

Really? That’s all you have to say about the Christy Mack story? It sounds
so general, I’m disappointed you clearly didn’t side with Christy who was
clearly beaten.
No man should be abusing women.

You’ve underplayed that story so much, it’s disappointing you’d put it as
the title and not give an opinion about it. ?

DefectiveKill says:

I dont fucking care if some wealthy famous guy killed himself. Especially
when the guy did fucking coke. ?

Erika May says:

I’m very shocked at the amount of comments on here that seem to be
advocating abuse. I’m ashamed at my fellow Americans to be quite honest. A
man has a right to defend himself but there is a clear difference between
self defense and abuse. ?

Ameen Ahmed says:

Personally, I’m getting sick of reading all these stories of men
implementing domestic violence against women. I’m not saying I’d want to
read ANY of these stories at all; all I’m saying is: how about a little
fair and balanced reporting? Women can be just as guilty of initiating
violence against men. I just don’t see why this had to be news, because we
see this all the time where women are victimized, and guys are seen as
For that guy’s sake, I really hope he didn’t do it.?

David Pacheco says:

Why did robbin Williams commit suicide, I dont understand?

Just a Quad says:

My sympathy is lessened by someone who stays with an abuse spouse *sigh*?

Ryumare says:

Obviously suicide is a horrible thing but I didn’t really watch many of
Robin William’s movies as he was a bit before my time but if I had to
choose one I’d probably go for Aladdin ?

Revanaught says:

Wow, lot of hard hitting stuff today. 🙁

Learned about Robbin Williams yesterday, really bummed me out. The Christy
Mack story is also incredibly messed up. She’s one of my favorite internet
actresses. 🙁

I have to say, the formatting of today’s video seemed a little off kilter.
You started with Robin Williams, and this really serious message about
depression, then moved into awesome and this super positive upbeat whay-hay
attitude which just felt off. Personally I would have preferred the Robin
Williams story sometime after the “today in awesome” segment. It just
would have felt a bit more appropriate there, but that’s just my opinion. ?

Based Rami says:

Call of Duty is lame. Only people with no taste would like it.?

Zenkai76 says:

Boo hoo Robin Williams is dead, wait, I didn’t know the guy. Mean while a
Doctor who actually makes a difference in the world dies and no one gives a

TheTinyTimmyTimTim says:

I hate when people do this. A celebrity dies due to depression, and people
cant stop fucking talking about his movies or when he’s made them laugh.
He’s not a fucking monkey and it’s ridiculous that it’s all people can talk
about. Shit like this, not seeing him as anything more then a walking
punchline, is probably what made him depressed. You could have spent an
hour or 2 trying to find out what he was like as a guy or any of the
charity work he’s done, but no, just talking about jumanji is enough huh??

Tech and GamePlay says:

strange people only miss you when your dead and now facebook is filled with
pictures of a guy no one cared for before he died…you sure as hell didn’t
miss him then did you so let him Robin Williams rest in fucking piece and
stop with all the boo hoo post a pic with something smart to say shit?

FR4NCH3K says:

Even if what that boy says is correct, it doesn’t change the fact that they
not only broke the law but disobeyed an order from a cop that would’ve not
only deescalated the situation but would’ve also put them on the right side
of the law.?

Xander Watson says:

People are forgetting that if anonymous releases that information the cops
family will be in serious danger. Also while I have no problem with
protesting because it sounds like he did it, why the duck are people
rioting?! When has become ok to destroy some random persons livelihood and
loot there stuff because you’re mad? The people who are doing that should
all be arrested?

alberach says:

Not cool, Phil. Calling your fans “lame sons of bitches” just because they
don’t like Call of Duty? Way to treat the people who are responsible for
your success.?

Slade Wilson says:

I want to put a thought in some of you guy’s head. Now say Christy was on
the run after beating War Machine. Say War Machine was beaten just as badly
claiming all the same things Christy did. Say Christy tweeted she was
defending herself. Once you’ve imagined it, continue down the comment.

Before we continue, let me make it clear that I’m not defending either of
the two. We do not know the full story, and quite frankly things seem fishy
from both sides. Until I know without a doubt what happened and why it
happened, I will stay neutral.

Alright, now tell me how would you react. Hopefully most of you will use
common sense and be neutral, but its unlikely. In this case people are on
Christy side(even though we don’t know if her story is true, false, or only
half true), and most people would still be on her side in the switched
situation. Whenever a women beats a man, it tends to come with praise, and
with her claiming self defense, it will come with more praise and more hate
towards man, regardless of what we know about the situation. You wouldn’t
be seeing a lot of, [insert a terrible thing] should happen to Christy,
even though many of you were quick to do this to War Machine. Even if War
Machine just senselessly beat Christy, to wish physical harm to him or any
other human being is wrong.?


typical reaction on the brown shooting from you phil?

Paul Edward says:

Regarding the assault story. .. approximately fifty percent of all rape
cases are proven to be false. Google it. My ex wife and brothers ex wife
both alleged absolutely false abuse claims and registered restraining
orders. All bullshit. All made up stuff. My brother had to goto
extraordinary expense to prove that his exes hospital visits were related
to entirely different health issue. After proven to have lied under oath
judge and system does nothing to her. You should get educated on this. Men
are under siege. Always say “alleged” otherwise you are d-bag as far as I
am concerned. ?

TtheWriter says:

I live in a town where its mortally offensive to not hold a door for a
woman, I can’t imagine what goes through your head to make you hit one.?

David Barnes says:

My problem with the Mack story is she said there was another guy and WM
made him leave. Well why the fuck didn’t that dude call the police????

Grzegorz Wereszko says:

About the Girl.

I am extremely surprised at the details. When a person is in trauma she
would not be able to recollect 1/2 the details she has provided. Her
explanation is too detailed, way way too detailed that it smells fake. And
honestly these days most will take the woman’s side, without taking all
facts. If she attacked him the had the right to defend him self, though at
that point he (form the looks of the picture) went too far (which I am in
full agreement that he should beat her this much). Either way I’ll keep my
mind opened to get more information before getting to judgmental. Hope
others will to. There is always 2 sides to the story, and right now we
have 1.?

Tiago22Splitter says:

Yeah, no. Suicide is still selfish, especially in the case of celebrities.
Hundreds upon thousands upon millions of people struggle and fight through
so much worse to provide themselves and others around them with a happy
life. I feel absolutely horrible for the people around Robin Williams and
those that cared about him, but the guy can rot for all I care.?

drumerman15 says:

Her face now looks like her vagina. ?

salsa2good says:

he beat her up cause she cheated on him?

Philly D says:


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