Kenicamz #94: Carla Cox & Jessie Volt – Massage In Brussels

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Lazslo says early flights sax but I can’t complain, Carla Cox massage straight off the plane. Meet Jessie Volt this sexy French one, listen to her getting on…


Wyvern Radamanthys says:

Hey Keni, what tribe of ethnic thai are you? Also Great Vlog!? I check
almost daily for updates.

faeriefixate says:

you’re such an inspiration, man. Keep it up. Thanks so much for making

Keni Styles says:

Yes I have plans, Kendo is my mentor. Thanks for watching babe 🙂

Guanyutattoo says:

Welcome back to the interwebs!

Keni Styles says:

The human kind 🙂

JeanDylanKevin says:

strange how you hang out with them after you’re finished, why don’t you
just ditch them afterwards lol

CarlaCoxRocksCom says:

aaaaaa, what I have with my lipstick, looking funny whorish. 😀

Jewel Spencer says:

*muah* Cool vid…that documentary sounds cool too!

BifurPoint says:

Jessie Volt taking it like a pro!!

paul reyes says:

Everybody say PUSSY!!!!

Brakathor says:

Crazy how it’s been 4 whole years since you’ve seen Carla Cox, one of my
favorites. This video reminded me of my life back in Vancouver, chilling
out in my office at 8:00 a.m. watching your videos, while sipping fruit
cocktails on ice around the time before everything went downhill. Now I’m
in Thailand, and I have no idea why. Khob khun khrap for giving me a full
circle with this video… and for the many creative camera angles.

Stephani McClaine says:

keni is alive!!! sweety, i really dont mind the extras, but if they curbed
you before for something so PG… you know theyre gonna tag you for the
funner stuff! though personally i would prefer to see you scantily clad 😉

paul reyes says:

I may say Keni you’re the gengis khan of porn!!!

Harold C. Connolly Jr. says:

Another fun video brother, well done! I hope you got some good rest, you
did look at bit tired at the end. Greetings from the Bay Area!

Keni Styles says:

Sandy loves sex, girls for work and boys for play.

Keni Styles says:

You treat me so good I’m always smiling

Keni Styles says:

Thanks for watching all these years.

Kaes says:

Good vid… I remember 4? years ago when u first posted the vlogs of u and
carla cox and the “adventures” you two had (Sucks they all got deleted).
Time really does fly.

paul reyes says:

My idol is back!!!!

Candace Childers says:

You look so sexy when you smile

Paul Jones says:

Cool video Keni, keep them coming. Peace.

Keni Styles says:

Thanks for watching

squishygirl says:

Yay Keni you’re back!! You better be careful with these videos honey. Some
nark might come by and flag you 🙁 are you going to appear in that
documentary? Much love!

Urfavegirl2 says:

Hey Keni!! How are you? I missed ya 🙂 It Looks like u dont waste time at
all,”Are you ready for the scene right now?” lol. By the way you look very
good as always 😉 I’m happy to see you vids again babe, I know you love
your job and I’m not knocking your hustle.. But have you ever thought about
directing porn videos and starting your own film production company? You
would be very good at it.. Alright it’s Sunday 12:23am and here I’m am
watching you stay safe and take care out there!!

Keni Styles says:

Man you got good taste 🙂

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