Dr Cox and Carla-She left me

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Dr Cox watches on as Carla falls for Turk and remembers all the wasted chances he had ti tell her he loved her.


Kim B says:

Ive recently had to wipe my computer and therefore have lost my scrubs
episodes. I cant remember. sorri xx

UnofficialMusicBoxxx says:

Aw! This is great! You should talk to JordanSullivan, she loves this couple
(Coxla) too!

Kim B says:

my best friends wedding… i love that episode… thanx for the comment.

samgdm says:

omg thanks i love them together

Green Greener says:

I love Turk, but this vid rocks!!

Kim B says:

thank you my dear.

Kim B says:

thanx i think i might check that out.

helenadagreat says:

coxla is sooooooooooooo sweet but shes 2 good 4 him turk/carla r perfect
cox/jordan deserve eachother

LuxuriousxNoise says:

I looove this couple. 😀 Thanks for making this!

D Creature says:

Both pairs are great, i think.

raenBow27 says:

aw they’d be so cute together 😀 i realli like this song scrubs changed my
life 🙂

xTushOnx says:

What episode is 0.17 – 0.40 from ?

TheSouffrances says:

aw the relationship between cox and carla is just so damn great and lovely!

xShibaInux says:

Cute! Which episode was it where Carla cuddled up to Perry and he kissed
her nose? (2:25)

katcove says:

Britishsuperstar- Can you by chance make this video with the words to the
scenes instead of the music?? Thanks!!

Eiméar Brady says:

Love this pairing, but Perry and Jordan are amazing.

Emily Wahl says:

@xShibaInux i think it was the season 3 finale (after turk’s and carla’s
screwed wedding)

Kim B says:

I would really love to do that for you but unfortunately i have a new pc
now and all my scrubs clips were lost. sorry

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