The Delightful BIbi Jones talks about Rob Gronkowski

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The Delightful BIbi Jones talks about Rob Gronkowski

Porn star Bibi Jones Visits the Hill-Man Morning Show. In this clip, she tells the truth about how she met Rob Gronkowski and the story about the famous picture.

Bibi Jones

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D7K_6403 - Bibi Jones

D7K_6403 – Bibi Jones (Photo credit: gcD600)

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English: Britney Beth (aka Bibi Jones) at AVN ...

English: Britney Beth (aka Bibi Jones) at AVN Adult Entertainment Expo 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bibi Jones - 2013 AVN Awards

Bibi Jones – 2013 AVN Awards (Photo credit: planetc1)

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69megacock says:

I’m sure she got gronked.?

Clayton Wilson says:

She sounds retarted?

Sebastian Bernaerts says:

Gronk and Bibi would be a good couple?

ian alexander says:

She is so sweet its a shame she does porn really?

rdreegsrdr says:

Got something to say about Gronk’s endowment, Bibi? 1:25

skankuser says:

Yes. Extremely.

Shaq Johnson says:


jumpguy1221 says:

I thought the bitch was a foreigner the way she talked. Too much cum in her
throat nigga

Eureka Opium says:

Texan accent, at its worst

daburg412 says:

Gronk is the man

jmbryja says:

Fuckin Hott

Colette Gray says:

hahaha wtf lol 😀

Jordan Singleton says:

They boned.

19Gui86 says:

” I didnt know he was umm that big um whathuawioanif ha big hes big”

jova kurca says:

what did you expect……..a brain surgent………she sucks cock for a
living dude, you dont expect her to talk to you in oxford english hahahaha

angelo carey says:

so true

cstarsfly says:

ughh come on gronk u can do better than that!

HockeyHitman71 says:

Hoes can’t be housewives, don’t really get why any woman would want that
lifestyle but hey we always need sluts I guess right

Tango Mango says:

she’s just as retarded as gronk must be fun to watch them play scrabble

lomeloft says:

she is one of the dumbest humans in the world

cheerlovepinkk says:

Her voice is so annoying. Come on rob you can do so much better then that
gross thing you call a human being

Alex Williams says:

you’re telling me that you wouldn’t wanna have sex with those tits?

Calbenmike says:

She sounds like she’s pinching her nostrils when she talks.

TheMossfan84 says:

Look how slutty she looks

Snortthesweetener says:

she’s not hot

keenyn lee-haines says:

its probably from all the slaps in the face she gets.. if you know what i
mean 😛

George Lewis says:

Typical Bitch…..

low72 says:

She seems so much more comfortable in this interview than in the Howard
Stern one… lol

Patrick Mcmenamin says:

rob is a lucky guy

flattsace says:

dumb dumb dumb

AdolfLazyEye says:

she has such a nasally voice.

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