Howard – Bibi Pt.1

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StopMotionHeadBanger says:

All the guys turning her down are actually smart. Sure she’s hot and easy,
but just imagine how many guys have been in that. Hundreds. And she says
later that she doesn’t use condoms with guys. Fucking gross. ?

sarge jackson says:

This chick is a fucking lying slut. I met her in Philly strip club and full
on asked her to fuck. im goodlooking. she gave me a dirty look?

Lyndsey Z says:

she did get knocked up and now is a young mom. ?

TheTomtah says:

Bullshit. They didnt fĂșck her cause they were intimidated by her being a
porn star and didn’t think they could meet her standards sexually. Thats
the answer.?

Blondehookah says:


Alex Krycek says:

I’d pull my cock out right there and stick it down her throat immidietely
after her “I want your hard cock inside me” words. JD’s such a fag and the
other guy too.?

miocynar says:

I wish they would get rid of this retarded creepy guy JD. He fucken sucks.?

sinkiy says:

Shes 100% the sexiest acting and looking girl in porn. maybe on the planet

f*ck google says:

i bet howard forbid them to fuck her so he could fuck her?

mac777daddy says:

Fucking pussies are scared to fuck?

mookuable says:

dose she show here tits?

endauthority says:

Dude… are you even reading what im saying to you? You cant upload the
first bibi jones video because it shows tits and pussy, upload it to a porn
site, post a link on youtube as a video. Its really not complicated at all.
the youtube video will not contain nudity or even the interview at all

Iamalpha andomega says:

A guy with some sensibility and doesn’t want to lose his job.

StonersOath says:

fuck dude thats reality for ya :/

BeginnningoftheEnd says:

You gotta be kidding me with all the stuff that’s on here. lol This one’s
not actual porn.? Thanks though.

121314151617181943 says:

there scared of her lol

begood20000 says:

Mike Gange should be ashamed of himself. He’s not even 1/10 of a man

thehomiealan says:

condoms, id fuck her.

TheObemon says:

it’s really weird but because she’s so young in the porn business i want to
find out more as well. of course, when you get right down to it, she just
bangs a lot and i doubt she has a ton of depth. psychological problems i’m
sure, though. that or just horny.

Chris Devine says:

i would fuck her right there

Aiphiae says:

To all those wondering why they didn’t fuck her: STDs. Fucking STDs,
people. If you’re going to try to convince yourself (and others) that just
because pornstars are “tested” they are clean, you’re delusional. Even
pornstars themselves talk about how rampant STDs are in the industry. Would
you choose a few hours of fun over a lifetime with an STD?

peteagassi says:

How do you know the girl you’re fucking hasn’t fucked hundreds of men?

Iamalpha andomega says:

Most of Howard’s show is really an act. If you saw the other one with Bibi
in it you would have also seen how he prohibits staff from associating with
guests. It’s entertainment.

low72 says:

How would he lose his job if Howard is encouraging him to do it?

biancadive says:

i find her so interesting

sinkiy says:

LMAo poor ganji

low72 says:

What guy says “I don’t want to get laid” when bibi jones, a hot girl with
perfect tits, wants to bang you and have you call her a filthy whore? What
in the fuck?!

peteagassi says:

JD is such a fuckin fag.

Dexter Booey says:

Are you this pathetic in real life?

BeginnningoftheEnd says:

Yeah. In her first interview, a few months ago there’s vagine. lol But, I
can only push this so far.

many stormz says:

I almost didnt recognize him

Governor says:

damn i wanna see that lol

peteagassi says:

Upload the first interview.

phb715 says:

Awesome! Thanks for the video!!!!

Damon Dee says:

Its not like JD and Gange are studs who get laid all the time, these guys
should be the first to budge at some free pussy.

kingNight09 says:

i hope u upload that video but in under unlisted

Jason Trottier says:

im with howard what the fuck is wrong with these fags..smash that filthy

chevyvans10 says:

gangi is such a fag ill do it in the studio

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