Talk Is Jericho – Asa Akira reveals the one thing she won’t do on film & why

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Y2J reads another chapter from his upcoming biography & this one involves Big Show and Santa Claus!! Plus, adult film star Asa Akira! It’s an honest-to-goodn…


MaverickMeyer says:

Porn and wrestling are so much alike..?

American Alpha says:

Wow, if it isn’t Jericho interviewing the lowest life form on the planet: a
porn whore! ?

Matthew Clark says:

Jericho is so good at not judging. Great interview. Akira seems really down
to earth and open/honest.?

Chris Halladay says:

Asa Akira is interviewed by pro wrestler Chris Jericho. She reveals the one
thing that she will not do on film and why.?

degeneration2xtreme says:

Wow… Chris Jericho and Asa Akira… Chris is a true professional.?

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