Sofia The First – The Floating Palace – Joining Together ft Ariel

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Princess Ariel has come to rescue Sofia and help her save her friends and family in the sweet song! For more fun and games from all of your favourite shows, …




LarissaBrainer0334 says:

seriously ariel in sofia the first what has my life come to ?

TheHarabeli100 says:

Sofia has met many Disney princesses. She’s so lucky! But I think that
their songs don’t help just Sofia. They help us too!?

Danny:3 says:

Jodi benson’s voice has barely age’d 😛 but it could be that they tuned it
to sound like it usually does but it’s really amazing hearing it sound the
same :P?

BlueEyedFloozy says:

so I am embarassed I put this show on to entertain my daughter (this
episode and another one) while I got laundry done, got completely sucked in
and this part made me SO happy haha. ?

Madison Buscus says:

Am I the only one waiting for Anna and Elsa to appear….in some time next
year… lol?

angelbrownie1 says:

is that really Ariel’s voice? cos it sounds alike :O?

LottaKissu says:

I feel like a good 95% of the people that disliked has not even seen the
show. They’re probably apart of that protest group on her being the first
Mexican Disney princess. What they don’t understand is that this show is
genius. It educates not in math and reading but in real life issues. The
beginnings of childhood. How to be a genuine wholesome person even if it
means you don’t always get what you want. I’m not going to lie, when I
first saw the previews for this show, I thought it was going to be
horrible. I watched it with the kids I babysit and literally had a change
in heart. I almost feel like tearing up at the end of every episode. It’s
something wonderful even for an adult like me. VERY well done and it’s
something I wish was apart of my childhood. Sofia is a inspiration not only
to girls but boys too. I honestly get more excited to watch this than the
kids do now lol. I love the show and I hope it runs for a long time :)?

TheRealRarity says:

We dont need your help Ariel because how many people are really a mermaid?

MusicalGeorgieee says:

Is it bad that I’m 20 and I enjoyed this? It was so cute :3?

seli nina msp says:


Heather Hamann says:

+Twilight’sSpaceStar17 Sofia The First – The Floating Palace – Joining
Together ft Ariel?

Ana Henriquez says:


jessie Hayes says:

Holiday in enchancia was such a waste of a princess! Aurora didn’t need to
show up to tell Sofia that the animals could help. ?

LA LOCA says:


lillith1218 says:

This is just too bad. I mean, NO.?

sofitssofi says:

HURRAY FOR ALL SOFIAS *points at self* >w

Imani Spence says:

I love this song! I’m eleven and can’t get this song out of my head.
Does anyone here remember the old playhouse disney!If so please reply.Those
were the good old days lol!?

Shirley Richardson says:

Was she engaged to Eric or was this after return to the sea just curious?

Max Tull says:

And especially knowing that that actress who voices Sofia is also named
Ariel. :)?

Ryan saisor says:

ive seen this show and im serious about ariel.Ariel meets me and her
friends.Noone else.?

Dennabelle Eudela says:

I thought, today, Jodi Benson still retains her cutest vibrato for all
time. Aside the song, “Part of Your World,” this song is one of best. This
is my most favorite song from the princess in this series.?

Caitlin Panettieri says:

Wow this soo cool!!?

havick lion says:

first time see 3D way of ariel dont look bad?

GadgetToy8008 says:

Why hasn’t Disney done a CGI Little Mermaid film yet? Remember how
beautiful the Finding Nemo Characters looked under the sea?

Brad Rotchell says:

Take a look at this video on YouTube:?

CandyLove21 says:

this is really cool ?

Kimberla Stamps says:

Ariels freakin. Glowing man o.o?

shreeniveditha jayakumar says:

There are lot of profiles with mlp characters!and those fishies are so

shafira ramdhania says:

i like?

Biise96 says:

I have been missed Ariel so much. I’m so happy to Disney show her again :3?

ambrosia1111 says:

yeeeeaaaaah… wait.. where is princess Melody??

Bradley Braniff says:

Ariel’s underwater hair was SO much better in 2D animation lol?

Jenny Chantrakool says:

How is Sofia moving? Her flippers are tiny!?

Ivori Spiller says:


Natalie Alcala says:

Jasmine also had the same voice!!?

anna lynn says:


Gia Blue says:


Ariel M says:

Ariel is my name AWESOME!!?

Blessing Enakimio says:


carlos ramirez says:


olivias artchannel says:

i love this one it actually uses the voice of the girl who played ariel in
the little mermaid too!!!!?

LadyRoyce says:

I could care less what nationality she is! SHE IS A SWEETHEART!?

Magya das Fadas says:

adoreiiii Ariel!?

Rashaad Thompson says:

Sofia seen most princesses and every

Jon Stalder says:

Ariel is the best princess?

Orlando Corona says:


Sona Faisal says:


Mangesh Kulkarni says:

I Love it !?

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