Disney Princess Petal Float Princess Ariel Rapunzel Belle Cinderella Mermaid Bath Toy DisneyCarToys

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DisneyCarToys Petal Float Disney Princess dolls and Princess Water Palace set with Little Mermaid Ariel, Beauty and The Beast Belle, Cinderella and Tangled’s…


ToyTrains4u says:

They are so cute and would be great fun at bath time! ;-)?

jlouvier says:

Very Cute!?

amberlovelyexcited says:

Lol I love lol underdog?

Toy Collector TV says:

The links in the outro aren’t working. :(?

Review The Magic says:

My daughter absolutely loves this!?

Disney NH says:

It looks to me like these princesses could use a good party… without
hurting them selves that is….. Oh and I don’t know if you knew this but
the links you put are all private videos….. Each one I click on says

DisneyCarToys says:
Averey Moxie says:

Where did you buy them?
I like Repunzel the most from this set?

Norma Arellano says:

Cool i love your shows 🙂 <3?

said jello says:

Can you do a toy giveaway I never seen you do one. And if you do can you
give some frozen dolls?

Emily Baase says:

I love your video’s

Emily Atachagua says:

Hahaha.Ruponzil fell upside down the slide.!!!?

LPSCrystal says:

I am going to buy one!!!!!!! because when you float up their dress there i
a pretty design under!!!!?

Arynn Thompson says:

can you do a magic clip rapunzel dark blue play doh dress??

jhon stark says:

Lol Ooh Thats Not Pretty!!!?

Fun Toys says:

Another great video! I love that it was outside. ?

elizabeth espinoza says:

I love your voice it so cute and calm :)<3?

Crystal Alice says:

please upload 2 of the videos!?

Christian Perez says:

Where did you buy it?

Robert Dodd says:


Kittlovetv says:


Shahima Nazeel says:

Aaaaaaaa disney cartoys I haveint watched the scooby doo anna and her
family one and elsa with her boyfriend with kids??

Rana Jaafar says:

I what that it’s cool

Haley de la cruz says:

i like 0:54?

Liliana Delarosa says:

that is cute?

Kristin Francisco says:

Rupunzel lol?

adeladun19 says:


Chelsea Mabulay says:

I laughed so much when she said “ugh that’s not pretty”?

Sealrox115 says:

Lol left Snow White out as always?

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